United Church of Christ

UCC core mission calls to Jewish moderator in New Mexico

It was in the United Church of Christ that Danny Eitingon, born into the Jewish faith, came to learn that a person doesn't need to be Christian to lead a Christian life.

NYE speakers, performers to highlight faith, leadership and justice

As registration for the 2016 National Youth Event is set to close, gathering organizers have lined up an array of performers and speakers to underscore the importance of faith, leadership, service and social justice. A mix of young activists, family members and social justice groups will address youth from the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) at Walt Disney World in Florida.

UCC Conference Minister arrested at pipeline protest

Massachusetts Conference Minister and President the Rev. Jim Antal was one of 16 clergy arrested on Wednesday, May 26, after entering the construction site of a natural gas pipeline in West Roxbury, halting the work.

#ThursdaysInBlack a weekly witness against violence

Every Thursday morning, UCC staff members gather for a picture. Not always the same people or location. The two constants –– many of them are dressed in black, and it's always for the same cause. #ThursdaysInBlack, a witness calling for a world without rape and violence.

Commentary: In memoriam et pro pacem

Memorial Day is first and foremost about fallen soldiers and their lives; it is less so about the virtue of the military or its command structures; and even further removed from valorizing those who benefit from the perpetuation of violence and profit from the sales of war materiel.

UCC pastors join interfaith effort to close gun loopholes for domestic abusers

Nearly 30 pastors, chaplains and theologians of the United Church of Christ are part of an interfaith effort of 500 leaders who are asking lawmakers to close loopholes in federal laws that allows domestic abusers to purchase or own a firearm.

Boston Globe story follows risk and rebirth of Massachusetts congregation

How do you be the church in an ever-changing religious climate? That difficult and intensely personal question, posed to a United Church of Christ congregation in West Medford, Mass., is the focus of a story, "In Search of Sanctuary," published by The Boston Globe.

Faith leaders praise White House transgender protections

Religious leaders from Christian and Jewish faith communities are praising the Obama Administration's actions expanding discrimination protections to include transgender youth in the nation’s public schools.

Former St. Louis church members celebrate rebirth on 'Homecoming Saturday'

A score of family and friends of a long-shuttered North St. Louis church return to their former neighborhood for a "Homecoming," touring the old St. James UCC campus, reborn as a home for Urban Born, a educational nonprofit for children.

UCC curriculum on White Privilege engages and encourages sacred conversations on race

The United Church of Christ, anticipating a late summer release of  "White Privilege – Let's Talk," an adult education curriculum designed to invite members to engage in safe, meaningful, substantive and bold conversations on race, is launching a series of free webinars on the subject in June, in partnership with the Center for Progressive Renewal.