United Church of Christ

Commentary: My New Year’s Wish List

As justice advocates inspired by the teachings of Jesus and the writings of our sacred texts, these are among the things I wish for in the New Year.

Video resource on plight of Palestinian children prompted by General Synod resolution, 3 Great Loves

In response to a 2017 General Synod resolution calling for an end to the human rights violations and violence surrounding Palestinian children living in the occupied West Bank, a new UCC video resource has been released to help church members better understand the issues and become advocates for justice.

Annual Fund supports UCC mission of love, justice and peace

For Betsy and Stanley Dole, UCC members from Michigan, contributing to the United Church of Christ Annual Fund is a logical and meaningful gift.

Commentary: May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

Tis the season for love, light, and wonder ... right?

Small Nevada church community opens hearts, home to transgender migrant

Members of a small Nevada church community open their hearts, home to a stranger in need, trusting that God will continue to protect and provide.

Commentary: Welcoming Travelers is what we do

A new kind of networking is taking place among immigrant-welcoming UCC congregations across the United States.

Mary and Joseph travel around Connecticut community in Church Christmas video

A Connecticut pastor, looking to make new members feel more welcome and at home as they celebrate the first Christmas in his congregation, found a creative expression that both honors the old and embraces the new.

Commentary: The Promise of Hope That We May Be One

Six siblings and their significant others gathered together, weary and full of anxious anticipation.

Refugee nativity replaces live animals in Philadelphia's Old City

One of Philadelphia's oldest churches has changed up its presentation of the Christmas story this season — ending a live nativity tradition of more than 40-years to highlight current refugee and immigration issues.

Boiler explosion displaces Vermont congregation just before Christmas

A small Vermont church family is counting its blessings, after their building's boiler blew up, spewing more than 600 gallons of oil and water into the basement of their sanctuary.