United Church of Christ

UCC church, part of Omaha Tri-Faith Initiative, now under construction

A United Church of Christ church going up in Omaha will be the third worship space in an interfaith community dedicated to collaboration and peace-building, as part of a call to build a just world for all. But the Countryside Community Church, now under construction in Nebraska’s largest city, also hopes to add earth care and environmental sustainability to that mix.

Four honorees to be recognized for justice commitment at General Synod 31

After a brief departure from General Synod recognitions and celebrations of the United Church of Christ's grassroots justice leaders, the denomination is planning to honor a few movers and shakers during the upcoming biennial gathering for their work on the ground in creating a just world for all.

UCC General Synod to honor John Deckenback

The United Church of Christ will honor the late Rev. John Deckenback, long time spiritual leader of the Central Atlantic Conference, when the wider church assembles in Baltimore for General Synod.

In historic vote, three UCC Conferences move toward union

The Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Conferences voted to unite, to create a stronger voice speaking for justice.

In a warm up to General Synod, Wisconsin Conference becomes 'Immigrant Welcoming' with an overwhelming vote

Wisconsin Conference UCC congregations, which believe that publicly proclaiming love for their neighbors aligns with their mission, vision and values, overwhelmingly pass a resolution becoming an Immigrant Welcoming Conference.

UCC President condemns violence spawned by political divide

The General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ is speaking out, condemning an attack on members of Congress Wednesday by a lone gunman with rifle who injured several people at a ballfield in Alexandria, Virginia.

Commentary: Rectifying injustice as we fight injustice

Faith and pride aren't mutually exclusive. 

Commentary: Love, reconciliation among enemies

The shooting in Alexandria, Virginia is a sobering event. As a person of faith, I pray for those affected. As a Christian I utterly reject violence as a means of dealing with my enemies. Those with whom I disagree are beloved children of God.

Minnesota Conference takes economic action toward a Just Peace in Israel-Palestine

The Minnesota Conference of the United Church of Christ voted overwhelmingly to approve a resolution aimed at creating a just peace in Palestine and Israel, divesting funds from companies that either profit from Israel's 50-year-long occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, or are complicit in human rights violations in those disputed territories.

Antoinette Brown Awards to honor two visionary leaders during General Synod 2017

Two outstanding ministers who have provided the United Church of Christ with their vision, hope and leadership during their lives and ministries will be honored as recipients of the Antoinette Brown Trailblazer Awards during General Synod 2017.