United Church of Christ

Faith leaders urge people to back US democratic process, ‘peaceful transfer of power’

The three national officers of the United Church of Christ have joined other U.S. religious leaders in warning that “democracy itself could disappear if the people's will, as clearly expressed through the ballot, should come to be set aside by authoritarian means and antidemocratic directives.”

Missouri church committed to weekly Black Lives Matter vigils ‘until change occurs’

A Missouri church is committed to a vigil every Friday evening in support of Black Lives Matter, and plans to continue the witness until they do. 

Peace that Passes All Understanding

These are unprecedented times.

Online and in person, churches and local partners educate voters, get out the vote

In person and virtually, United Church of Christ congregations across the country continue to promote voting as the Nov. 3 general election approaches.

UCC officers: Supreme Court appointment should come with ‘thoughtful deliberation’ after inauguration

The UCC national officers speak out against Senate hearings scheduled to consider the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, saying justice for the vulnerable would be better served if an appointment would come after the election.

Brief stewardship videos available to function as ‘virtual bulletin inserts’ for online worship

How to encourage generosity and pledges during a pandemic? One answer: four new video testimonials now available on the UCC YouTube channel. 

Additional buy racks up more medical debt relief in California

Nine UCC congregations in Northern California were able to eliminate a lot more medical debt than first thought, with a second buy whose impact totaled almost $2 million.

Report to the church from the United Church of Christ Board, October 2020

The United Church of Christ Board gives a report to the church on its Oct. 3-4 meeting.

Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Sunday

Leaders of the UCC’s Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization (MESA) Ministry Team urge congregations to show extra appreciation for pastors during these unprecedented times. 

UCC officers offer prayers for president, family and staff after coronavirus diagnosis

The United Church of Christ National Officers offer a prayer for the president, his family and staff after their coronavirus diagnosis.