United Church of Christ

UCC relaunches Thursdays in Black campaign, anticipates participation at General Synod

The United Church of Christ is relaunching the Thursdays in Black campaign, to focus on the impact on the COVID lockdowns on sexual violence, and to ramp up participation -- now and during General Synod in July 2021.

Labor Day commentary: For big problems, we need bigger dreams

“We’ve got big problems," says United Church of Christ Minister of Economic Justice Sekinah Hamlin in a commentary for Labor Day 2020. “We need bigger dreams.”

Threshold Moments: A Ritual for Voting

As Voting day, November 3, 2020, quickly approaches and many American citizens find ourselves in a quandary as to how to best prepare, I invite us, as people of conscience/faith, to join together in this ritual of preparation as a way forward.

UCC churches erase almost $5.5 million in medical debt in California

Continuing the mission started by the United Church of Christ in 2019, several UCC churches in the San Francisco area, with assistance from the national setting, have erased $5,473,959.51 in medical debt for 2,604 families in 34 counties in California.

Religious groups tell Supreme Court that all qualified parents should be served by government foster care programs

The General Synod of the United Church of Christ has joined three other religious denominations in an amicus brief that supports of the rights of all people and the City of Philadelphia in a case now before the United States Supreme Court.

To an international audience, UCC leader describes emerging from viral ‘shadow of death’

The Rev. Karen Georgia Thompson is still recovering from a coronavirus-induced journey through the biblical “valley of the shadow of death,” she told a Scottish festival audience Aug. 20.

A progressive and an evangelical explode each other’s stereotypes in UCC webinar

A progressive religious leader and a self-described evangelical shared their faith journeys during a conversation Aug. 18 – and surprised each other.

Spiritual Malpractice

At this writing, over 166,000 people have lost their lives in the past seven months to covid-19 in the United States according to the Centers of Disease and Prevention (CDC).

‘Where’s the beef?’ Virtual dinner at Pa. church raises dollars to feed local kids

With a little encouragement from a United Church of Christ generosity officer, a lot of planning and a few clever promotional videos, a Pennsylvania congregation moved its annual fundraiser online – and wound up raising more money than in any previous year.

Poor, low-income people have the power to reshape the election, new study shows

The UCC Our Faith, Our Vote campaign creed that every vote counts is supported by a new national study which shows that poor and low-income voters across the country have the power to impact the outcome of the United States presidential election and 16 U.S. Senate races.