United Church of Christ

UCC Board addresses financial challenges, leadership changes

The future of the United Church of Christ — the denomination's vision and vitality under a new president, current financial challenges, and changes to the leadership structure — were on the agenda of the UCC Board of Directors during its March meeting in Cleveland.

A Holy Week reflection of hope and resurrection

I recently returned from a 12-day trip to the Middle East to visit our mission partners.

UCC Board bids farewell to Ben Guess

Call it serendipity – the farewell reception honoring the Rev. J. Bennett Guess took place at the same hotel where, five years ago, he interviewed for his position as an executive minister in the United Church of Christ. 

Commentary: Can We Heal Our Fractured Nation?

Our nation is fracturing.

As Holy Week approaches, 'A Word to the Church'

The leadership of the United Church of Christ, concerned with the political rhetoric aimed at the marginalized people of society in this election cycle, spoke out in support for and solidarity with a Holy Week statement released by The Episcopal Church.

UCC shares open invitation to Dorhauer installation in three-city service

The Rev. John C. Dorhauer’s formal installation in mid-April as the United Church of Christ’s ninth general minister and president, a three-city worship service where all are welcome, is being planned as a pivotal moment for the future and mission of the denomination.

Synod committee seeks nominations for 12 people to serve UCC board

When the 16 members of the General Synod Nominating Committee begin looking over a field of board of director candidates in January 2017, they will not only seek out people with great minds and skills, but also those with a passion to collectively serve the national setting of the United Church of Christ.

A time of prayer for healing, five years after Japan tsunami

It's been five years since Japan's triple disaster killed about 16,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands of others. On this sorrowing anniversary, United Church of Christ leaders, disaster executives, and missionaries are calling for a time of hope and prayer to sustain the still-recovering nation.

Commentary: Foolish, Stubborn, Underfunded Christians

In 1996, while I was pastor of Zion United Church of Christ in Henderson, Ky., our small congregation faced a crisis, trying to cope with increasing numbers of people with HIV/AIDS coming to our open-and-affirming church, seeking friendship and support. 

Lamenting the loss of Honduran activist Berta Cáceres

The murder of Honduran activist Berta Cáceres has sent ripples through Latin American policy circles and those who had worked with her on environment, indigenous, or Honduras-specific causes. Within the United Church of Christ, Cáceres is being remembered for her life's work, while those whom she met are mourning her death.