United Church of Christ

UCC minister in Denver providing pastoral care for mother, activist in sanctuary

A UCC minister in Denver is providing pastoral care to a mother and grandmother, now in sanctuary, who has lived in the United States for 20 years and is facing the prospect of deportation.

Commentary: Living into Our Legacy

Since the election of President Trump, the United Church of Christ has collectively engaged in an ongoing effort to maximize the impact of our agency.

UCC, other faith groups call on White House, Congress to promote peace, justice in Israel-Palestine

As U.S. President Donald Trump meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the United Church of Christ and 14 fellow Christian organizations are calling on the White House and all 535 members of Congress to support and adopt U.S. policies that promote peace, justice and equality between Israelis and Palestinians.

Colorado church multi-faith camp promotes peace across religious lines

A United Church of Christ congregation in Colorado is taking a multi-faith approach to help children in its community deepen their own faith practices to promote peace now and in the future.


Vermont congregation named UCC Church of the Month for "Embracing Diversity"

One of the oldest churches in Vermont has been named the 'UCC Church of the Month' for 'embracing diversity.'

Agenda changes offer more free time to General Synod 2017 visitors

The General Synod planning team is doing its best to provide attendees and delegates with more free time during the United Church of Christ's biennial gathering in 2017, while arranging the schedule in such a way to accommodate all the business decisions that the deliberative body must tackle this summer in Baltimore.

Statement on Draft Executive Order: "Establishing a Government-Wide Initiative to Respect Religious Freedom"

Last week, a draft executive order entitled "Establishing a Government-Wide Initiative to Respect Religious Freedom" was leaked to the press.  Acknowledging that the order is a draft, and not knowing what a final version might bring, the fact that these ideas are being floated around the White House should trouble all Christians to their very cores.  The draft reflects a significant shift in position from the religious accommodation rules under the Bush and Obama administrations, to one of religious superiority.  If issued, it would create new barriers for those seeking government services—those who are often the neediest, poorest, and most vulnerable among us.  These are the individuals that Jesus never turned away, regardless of their religious beliefs.

UCC churches cheered by court decision continuing freeze on immigration executive order

Southern Arizona pastors come together in solidarity with immigrants and refugees.

Commentary: It’s our government. Let’s take it back!

A number of President Trump's nominees to key positions in his Administration seem like odd choices. 

UCC welcomes Velda Love to lead racial justice ministry

To advance racial equality and to dismantle the systems of racism, the United Church of Christ is turning to a former seminary professor to lead the denomination's work on issues of race. The Rev. Velda Love joined the UCC as Minister for Racial Justice on Feb. 1, beginning her ministry to help the church live into its vision of building a just world for all.