United Church of Christ

To a hip hop beat, virtual NYE will immerse youth in immigration, encourage creativity

Already launched with videos urging young people to unleash their creativity as a force for good, the United Church of Christ’s first-ever online National Youth Event will culminate July 25 and 26 with an interactive service project, workshops and worship.

NYE videos urge young people to seize those ‘moments when something grabs you’

If there’s a common message to young people in a pair of videos posted at the United Church of Christ’s National Youth Event web page, it’s this: You may face struggles, but don’t be afraid to “follow your passion” for good in the world. And don’t be afraid to start now.

Bringing Life Back to Dry Bones

Scripture’s Ezekiel 37 provides a welcomed challenge amid this COVID crisis.

New process in place as Oct. deadline nears for submitting 2021 General Synod resolutions

There’s new information out today for members of the wider church hoping to bring resolutions before the General Synod next summer. The United Church of Christ Board has adopted a number of changes in the General Synod resolutions process. 

Team name-change announcements elicit cautious hope from UCC activists

This week, after years of activism, local and national United Church of Christ leaders are watching developments in the world of sports that could become major steps toward ending the "negative stereotyping" of Indigenous people.

Cleveland congregation’s $100 bills create a ripple effect during coronavirus

What would you do if your pastor handed you $100 and told you to give it away any way you choose? Churchgoers in Cleveland had to wrestle with that decision, complicated by the coronavirus.

‘Fight the righteous fight from the heart,’ Sen. Warren urges UCC webinar audience

Speaking to a capacity crowd of 1,000 United Church of Christ webinar viewers July 9, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren recalled her days as a Sunday School teacher, asked people to pray for her and urged them to tell elected officials to back legislation to protect voters and essential pandemic workers.

Citing ‘religious liberty,’ Supreme Court allows employers to opt out of contraceptive coverage

UCC leadership expresses disappointment in Supreme Court ruling that gives employers with religious objections to birth control an option to decline to provide employees coverage for contraception.

Commentary: Beacons of Transformation and Renewal

I have been living a fascinating paradox.

Conference ministers pilot webinar panels on how local churches are adapting, innovating

Whether they are responding to COVID-19 or taking action against racism, this is a year of innovation for people across the United Church of Christ. Now the leaders of the UCC’s 36 Conferences are piloting a series of webinars to share what congregations are learning in this time of change.