United Church of Christ

UCC pastor shows love of neighbor by going to Iraq to work with women refugees

A UCC pastor is heading to Iraq and refugee camps, to document empowerment work focused on helping women find a way to support themselves and their families.

A public proclamation, love of neighbor, draws attention in Minneapolis

A Minneapolis area church is proudly, publicly proclaiming love of neighbor at Pentecost as it to strives build a Just World for All. 

UCC leadership: An opportunity for which the church was born

This statement from the leadership of the United Church of Christ condemns President Donald Trump's decision to abandon the Paris Climate Accords. 

To the moon and back: 'Lunar Bible' gifted to UCC for preservation

A retired pastor and his spouse have given the United Church of Christ a gift that is out of this world. The Rev. Donald and Jo Anne Flick presented a rare item — a framed microfiche containing part of the Bible that was flown to the moon and back in 1971 — to the UCC for safekeeping.

UCC Immigration advocate protesting separation of families arrested at the White House

The coordinator of the UCC Immigration Cooperative was one of three faith leaders in a group of 20 people arrested at the White House on Thursday, protesting the detention and pending deportation of a mother of two young children.

UCC advocates urge 'Stay the course on climate care,' despite U.S. withdrawal from Paris Accords

President Donald Trump is pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords,  despite the voices of corporate America, some of his advisors and millions of earth care advocates around the country.

Lakota YouthStay program brings Native young people to Massachusetts for immersion experience

Forging friendships to create a loving and rewarding experience.

Commentary: The President's Deeply Flawed Budget Request

President Trump recently sent to Congress his requests for the 2018 federal budget.

Local Church Ministries launches revised church grant process

After an extensive collaboration with key leaders across the United Church of Christ to examine how faith communities are formed and planted, the denomination is ready to begin funding ministries that align with its vision of creating a just world for all.

Two General Synod resolutions take aim at economic inequality

The U.S. economy has essentially recovered from the recession of a decade ago, but not everyone in the country has enjoyed similar levels of prosperity. Two resolutions to the 31st General Synod of the United Church of Christ will address that issue by calling for steps aimed at creating a just economy with living wages.