United Church of Christ

Love for planet earth sprouting up on church lawns

The United Church of Christ General Synod has just overwhelmingly approved the resolution on climate calling on clergy and congregations across the denomination to take action to protect the environment, and churches are lining up to stand behind it publicly.

Aaron Mair: I am here because you connected the dots

A 30-year-old report by the UCC Commission for Racial Justice, "Toxic Wastes and Race in the United States," "lit the fuse for environmental change" when it focused national attention on the link between communities of color and the location of hazardous waste sites, according to Aaron Mair, the first black president of the Sierra Club.

Moving from talk to action on divestment

As she listened to an update Sunday on a resolution passed four years ago urging all settings of the church to divest from fossil fuel companies, Laura Keating texted her pastor, asking if their church had divested.

Medical aid in dying fails to win approval of Synod delegates by just a few votes

The "Resolution of Witness in Support of Legislation Authorizing Medical Aid in Dying" narrowly failed to achieve the required support of two-thirds of the 737 delegates, and was not adopted by General Synod 2017.

Synod youth discuss race and equality issues

The Rev. Marvin Silver describes two worlds in the United States, worlds divided by issues of race and inequality.

Resolutions on pattern of giving, financial support of AMA churches approved

Delegates to the United Church of Christ's General Synod 2017 made quick work of a pair of resolutions on Sunday evening.

Cuban embargo causes suffering, General Synod resolves to open doors

A resolution that began with UCC delegations to Cuba and exchanges in the Southern Conference produced a strong Synod resolution to end the United States embargo that blocks normal cultural, educational and scientific exchange between nations that are neighbors. 

Synod votes to support Palestinian children in Israeli military detention

The General Synod of the United Church of Christ is calling for an end to what is being described as "traumatic" practices by Israeli military against Palestinian children.

Young children play games, learn about life in the General Synod Children’s Program

What does a spirited game of musical chairs have to do with the recent peace agreement in the 50-year conflict in Colombia? 

United Church of Christ emphatically affirmed an Immigrant Welcoming Church

Underscoring the love of neighbor, with several speakers proclaiming that no human is illegal, delegates to General Synod 2017 overwhelmingly declared itself an Immigrant Welcoming Denomination and called on all settings of the United Church of Christ to do the same.