United Church of Christ

Day 5: Friday, August 24

Prayer of the Day: Dr. Edith Guffey, Conference Minister of the Kansas-Oklahoma Conference UCC leads us in prayer today.

_Pray4RefugeesFriday.jpgGracious and Loving God, We know O God, that this is Your world, a world that was created without walls and without borders. And yet we also know that there are thousands upon thousands of refugees waiting to be “let in”; waiting to hear a word of where they will be accepted and what place might become their new home. We don’t really know their stories; we don’t always know why they left their homes and families for an unknown and risky future. But we do know that they are your children just as we are your children.

We pray that the actions of our leaders in welcoming those seeking refuge will be a reflection of the love you have for all children. May we be a country that is anxious to share the many gifts we have rather than a country afraid of what we might lose. Please God, open our clenched hands and closed hearts.  

And while so many wait for news of where they will call home, may we have the courage to speak for those whose voices are not yet heard as they are not yet here. This is our prayer.  Amen.

Daily Action: Dr. Edith Guffey Kansas-Oklahoma UCC Conference Minister has sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who is from Kansas, advocating for his influence in allowing the resettlement of at least 75,000 refugees in the coming year. Will you write to Secretary Pompeo too?  Or write an Opinion Editorial to your local newspaper and share why, as a person of faith, you support refugee resettlement? No special skills are needed. We have resources to help walk you through the process here.


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