United Church of Christ

Day 3: Wednesday, August 22

From Salemu Alimasi, refugee from the DRC
 “When I close my eyes, I can still hear the cry of innocent children and women screaming for help and the smell of people burned alive in their houses. After experiencing such traumas, I arrived in the United States with a new set of challenges. But the welcome we received from our new Houston community helped me overcome these hardships and begin healing from my past.”

Prayer of the Day: God, today we ask for prayers for [insert person’s first name], for the refugee resettlement offices that welcome those like {insert name], and for the churches and community members who walk alongside refugees as they begin their lives anew. May we be blessed with at least 75,000 new refugee friends and neighbors in 2019, and may the Spirit be present in discerning our part in this ministry of welcome. Amen.

Daily Action: In addition to joining us in prayer today, click here to find the refugee resettlement office closest to you. Call them and ask “how can I help?” It really is that simple!

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