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Day 1: Monday, August 20

Prayer of the Day: Written by the Rev. Jim Moos, Executive Minister for Global Engagement and OperationDay_1_Pray4Refugees.jpgs

“God of our ancestors, many of whom fled violence and persecution in search of a new land, we know of your love and compassion for refugees. We remember that Mary and Joseph once fled to Egypt with the Christ child to escape the murderous rampage of King Herod, and we come to you with concern for the many millions of refugees in our day. 

“We grieve the fact that, in the midst of the worst refugee crisis in history, our country is increasingly closing our doors to them as fear, bigotry and misinformation run rampant. Banish ignorance, hatred and indifference from all hearts and remove barriers to love and justice. Lead us as a nation back to the scriptural mandates to love the stranger, to welcome the alien and to extend freedom to the oppressed. 

“We pray for protection for refugees in the midst of dangerous travels, hope for those who languish in camps and healing for separated families that long to be reunited. 

“We pray that the forces of violence and destruction that drive refugees from their homes might be overcome with justice and peace. 

“At this time when critical policy decisions are being made, we pray that those in power in our nation’s capital would reopen the doors that we might again welcome refugees in large numbers with joy and thanksgiving, recognizing that we are your children together.  

“We ask these things, not as helpless bystanders, but as disciples who are committed to learning and implementing the ways of love in our communities and world.”

In Christ’s name, Amen.

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