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Resolution for the New Year: Protect the Children



The Cleveland City Council Must Act to Prevent Lead Poisoning!

In 2018, it was reported that the City Council of Cleveland planned to pass an ordinance to address the lead poisoning of children by the end of the year. That never happened, despite the fact that they were considering a resolution initially proposed in 2017. Even in 2017, action on lead was long overdue. In 2015, the Plain Dealer began an investigative series entitled “Toxic Neglect: Curing Cleveland’s Legacy of Lead Poisoning.” The series highlighted the severe impact of lead on thousands of children in the Cleveland area while noting, “The problem isn't a new one. We've known about it for decades.” It has been more than three years since the moral consciousness of the city was pricked, and yet we are in much the same position now in confronting this solvable problem. To a significant extent, the crisis we are facing is a crisis of leadership. The time has come for the City Council of Cleveland to act! Email the City Councilors of Cleveland today to demand that they pass a lead safe housing ordinance as soon as possible. Anything less is morally unconscionable as children continue to suffer. (More.)


Space Debris Could Undermine Hurricane Relief Efforts After 2021

In 2015, the UCC General Synod passed a resolution on Responsible Stewardship of the Outer Space Environment. Through a regular series of articles, the UCC maintains its commitment to addressing the serious threats posed by space debris

North Atlantic hurricanes have increased in intensity, frequency, and duration since the early 1980s, but Earth observation satellites that play a critical a role in post-storm rescue and relief efforts are endangered by space debris. (More.)

The Good News: Morning Reads

If you are looking for where the divine is at work today in caring for God's creation, then check out these stories... (More.)

Taking Flight Post-Election

As we emerge from this recent election season, I am drawn to the image of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. While the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies is hidden from view, science writer Ferris Jabr explains that the process notably begins with a digesting of old tissues as the building blocks of a new body materialize and grow. In taking in the results of the election, I believe many of us have spent a fair amount of time this past week in a digestive period. (More.)

What Will You Leave Them?

it_is_often_those_who_do_not_use_the_majority_of_the_resources_that_suffer_from_the_scarcity..pngThe fight for our children's inheritance is going on trial.  Juliana v. US and has been dubbed as, "The Trial of the Century." It is the Children's Trust trial that was filed in Oregon in 2015. This trial is 21 youth from the age of 10-21. This lawsuit is over the climate and the inheritance of future generations. Yes, I did say inheritance. I don't use this term loosely. I use this term in its truest definition. Inheritance is something passed down. It is a word that challenges us to take a long look at how we are looking at the generations that will come up behind us. They are asking the question, "What will you leave us?"(More.)

Sermons in Support of Youth

As "the Trial of the Century" approaches its first day, pastors from around the country have shared sermons and speeches they have given in support of the 21 children and youth who are taking the federal government to court over climate change. The sermons were preached as part of Justice for #EachGeneration campaign which calls for a thousand sermons in solidarity with the youth. Here is what has been received.... (More.)

Sermon by the Rev. Kristi Denham

Sermon in the Justice for #EachGeneration campaign for a thousand sermons in support of the youth suing the federal government over climate change. (More.)

Sermon by the Rev. Michael Mulberry

Sermon in the Justice for #EachGeneration campaign for a thousand sermons in support of the youth suing the federal government over climate change. (More.)

Church Seeks to Build Butterfly Highway

First Congregational Church Sonoma, in partnership with the Valley of the Moon Garden Club and CA State Parks Vallejo Home, has developed a Monarch Butterfly Habitat Garden. As you may know, the monarch butterflies and other butterflies like the swallowtails are suffering from habitat loss and the effects of pesticide use. Our congregation's goal is to plant milkweed and build a Butterfly Highway along the properties of churches and interested conservationists in Sonoma Valley.(More.)





Worshippers Dedicate Pledges to Be Creation Care Voters

Church of the Covenant in Boston participated in the Creation Care Voter Project as a part of our Sunday morning worship on October 14th. We wanted very much to support this initiative in time for it to influence our congregants as they prayerfully decided on their voting choices, so we invited those worshipping with us to take the Creation Care Voter Pledge. Through this pledge, persons commit to consistently vote their values in caring for God's creation. Thanks to a partnership with the Environmental Voter Project those who make pledge receive free reminders to show up for each election. (More.)