Robert (Bob) Sandman

Assistant Moderator (Class of 2021)

Robert (Bob) Sandman, Assistant Moderator (Class of 2021) has an MBA and a Master’s Degree in economics. He is currently a professor of business and economics. In addition, he has held positions in printing and publishing at the American Baptist Board of Educational Ministries and as a textbook editor at South-Western Publishing. Bob was previously the moderator of Collenbrook UCC, Lakeview UCC, and the Southwest Ohio Northern Kentucky Association. He taught History and Polity for SONKA. He is currently the Moderator & Wider Church Delegate at North Windham Union Church UCC. For the Maine Conference, Bob is Conference Treasurer and a member of the Maine Conference Anti-Racism Resource Team and the Cumberland Association Church and Ministry Committee. He has been a General Synod Delegate Committee Chair, a corporate member of the Board for Homeland Ministries, a delegate to the Executive Council, and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Office of General Ministries. His skills include strategic thinking, public speaking, analysis of business and economic data, publishing, and project management.