The UCC Votes

We are in the midst of a crucial election. It’s important that we, as people of faith, understand our vital role in the process. We in the United Church of Christ, as followers of Jesus, and seekers of justice are deeply political. Our love of neighbor demands that we care about the issues being addressed by the politicians representing us. Join with us in lifting up these issues. Use this template to post a photo on your social media or send a photo to with permission to share your photo! We want to know what matters to you. Use the template, or just use a blank paper with the hashtag #TheUCCVotes or #UCCVotamos! Here’s what you do:

  1. Print out the template or find a blank piece of paper (but make sure to add ‘I vote because…’),
  2. Write down a word, issue, short phrase, or something you feel represents why it is important for you as a person of faith to vote,
  3. Take a photo in a well-lit area,
  4. Post the photo on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, anywhere! With hashtags: #TheUCCVotes #UCCVotamos #OurFaithOUrVote,
  5. If you want to be added to our website, send your photo to! MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND CONGREGATION IF APPLICABLE!

Cassidy Hall is a Member in Discernment in the Indiana-Kentucky Conference. 

Rev. Michael Neuroth (left) is the UCC DC Office International Policy Advocate. Rev. Amber Neuroth (middle) is the Pastor at Hope, UCC in Alexandria, VA.

Janet Rosenbury is a member at Plymouth UCC Des Moines, Iowa 

Rev. Michael Neuroth and his children, William and James Neuroth.

Rev. Brooks Berndt is the UCC Minister for Environmental Justice Rev. Chris Davies is the Team Leader for UCC Faith INFO (Faith Education, Innovation, and Formation) Rev. Elyse Berry is the Associate for Advocacy and Leadership Development for the UCC Council for Health & Human Service Ministries (CHHSM)