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What you can do to support Hurricane Dorian recovery now

There's a lot you can do right now!

In Nepal, new quake-proof homes funded by UCC number 73 and counting!

It's a gift that keeps on giving! UCC Disaster Ministries' initial investment of $200,000 has built earthquake-resistant homes for 53 vulnerable families who survived the devastating 2015 earthquakes in Nepal. The families are paying back interest-free loans into a revolving fund, already used to build 20 more homes. Now the UCC has just sent an additional $40,000 for yet more homes!

UCC, partner in Puerto Rico, restore 105 Maria-battered homes

UCC Disaster Ministries and the Iglesia Evangelica Unida de Puerto Rico (IEUPR) have completed the restoration of 105 Maria-damaged homes to date, especially the repair of roofs, with the help of 420 volunteers. Immediate goal: restore 45 more roofs wait-listed to be fixed to bring the total to 150. UCC Disaster Ministries will continue to support recovery efforts as long as financial resources allow. Give/volunteer!

UCC Disaster Ministries supports Hurricane Michael recovery in six FL counties

$5,000 seed grants from UCC Disaster Ministries will go toward costs for three Hurricane Michael long-term recovery groups in the Florida Panhandle - Liberty (County) Strong, Gadsden (County) Strong and the North Florida Inland Long-Term Recovery Group (Jackson and Calhoun Counties). The UCC also is supporting recovery in Bay and Washington counties, including with recruitment of volunteer work teams. 

UCC Disaster Ministries funds resiliency training for an entire Sulawesi village

$15,000 from UCC Disaster Ministries will fund 12 months of resiliency training for an entire village in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, which a year ago (September 28, 2018) suffered a massively destructive earthquake and tsunami that killed more than 2,000 people and displaced tens of thousands. The goal is to build communities with independent ability to avoid danger, adapt to disaster risks and recover quickly.

Pennsylvania couple lives out commitment to others through OGHS, Disaster Ministries

Mohammed: Work or School

On a typical day, Mohammed worked 8 hours making furniture with his father. He has had very little time to worry about his education or spend time with his friends. Even though he enrolled in school -- he rarely attended. The immediate need for money has made it almost impossible for Mohammed to think about going to school. He felt that he could not sacrifice the assistance he was giving his family over the potential long term benefits of education.

Our gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing support CEOSS and the programs it creates for teens like Mohammed. Our gifts are helping families worldwide imagine a brighter tomorrow while addressing the needs of each day.

Small Connecticut church consistently tops OGHS giving list

Union Memorial Church of Stamford, Connecticut, has been celebrating and sharing Christ's love through participation in the One Great Hour of Sharing offering for 67 years. 

Responding to Food and Nutritional Needs

Responding to the food and nutritional challenges of families living in extreme poverty is a focus of the One Great Hour of Sharing in its International sustainable development emphasis. Families now have more access to food, and the ability to care for their families.


El Porvenir, Honduras: Lesby builds a Future for Her Daughter

Selby.jpgIt is not a coincidence that Lesby lives in the town "El Porvenir" which means the future. She has always been focused on how to improve her future and that of her baby Selby. Life in this municipality is not easy. Almost 40% of its inhabitants live in extreme poverty and 16% of babies and children face chronic malnutrition. However, children in this area live in better conditions than in other border municipalities in the south where almost half of children suffer from chronic diseases, learning disorders, and developmental delays as a result of chronic malnutrition.

Fortunately, Lesby had access to prenatal care at a local clinic, had an uncomplicated pregnancy, and after nine months gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby. Lesby recalls that thanks to the education she received at the clinic she was able to balance her diet with more fruits, vegetables, and meat which greatly benefited Selby.

But what price did she pay for a pregnancy without setbacks that resulted in a healthy and strong baby? Selby's father had to migrate to the United States in search of a better future for his family. Having her partner far away left Lesby with mixed emotions. On the one hand she is grateful for the economic opportunities it entails, but on the other hand, her daughter does not know her father.

The separation of the family has been difficult. Selby's father is one of the approximately 3.2 million Central Americans who live and work in the United States. Thanks to the remittances that Lesby receives month after month from the United States, she was able to access nutritious food during her pregnancy. She also had enough money to participate in a Habitat for Humanity program to build her house, a home where Selby can now play, eat, and sleep in a safe environment.

Thanks to your support, children like Selby have a brighter future. Better health and a safe environment during childhood will have lifelong benefits.

Bread for the World is supported by contributions from One Great Hour of Sharing. And because of our support, Bread for the World has invited interested parties to participate in a conference call with special guest, Dr. Lawrence Haddad, co-winner of the 2018 World Food Prize. The Conference call will take place on Tuesday, March 19, at 3:00 pm Eastern Time. Join us in the fight to end hunger. Call 773-231-9226 and use access code 149 691 3232#.

UCC Disaster Ministries exec reflects on Florence, first anniversary of Harvey, Irma, Maria

It's one year after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria struck, and survivors continue to struggle to recover.  Today, floodwaters continue to rise in the Carolinas 10 days after Hurricane Florence made landfall.  Against this backdrop, UCC Disaster Ministries Executive Zach Wolgemuth reflects on the commitment to long-term recovery. "I have faith that God, working through us, can create something new," he writes. "Why? Because I’ve seen it."

UCC support for Puerto Rico recovery reaches nearly $500,000

It's been a year since Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico. UCC Disaster Ministries has accompanied the survivors from day one, investing nearly $500,000 funding, and another $250,000 in hurricane-damaged Florida and U.S. Virgin Islands. This does not count in-kind contributions, sharing of recovery expertise and work teams volunteering to rebuild homes.

Growing Strong in the Face of Challenge

Victor Masdrico is a 17-year-old teenager. He writes, ""I feel very grateful for the support that Caminante has given me. My goal is to finish my studies and become a professional, putting into practice everything I have learned in Caminante. I would like in the future to be able to help vulnerable children so that their rights are guaranteed, just as I was helped."

Help put an End to TB

Lend your voice to help put an end to TB through a letter-writing campaign.

The World Health Organization, like the World Council of Churches – Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (WCC-EAA) are looking to significantly reduce the number of people living with TB, and need our help.

Collective Efforts to Keep Girls in School

Safe Centers provide girls with an after school support group that is focused on keeping girls in school and eliminating child marriage, female genital mutilation, and teenage pregnancies. They also discuss topics related to health, hygiene, goal setting, and self-love. The Boys and Girls Club function to empower young people to reach their full potential.

Don't miss out on your $250 UCC Matching Grant for CWS Kits!

There are still 60 UCC Disaster Ministries Matching Grants available to UCC churches and other UCC groups that raise at least $250 in cash and/or in kind to assemble Church World Service Kits and Clean-Up Buckets.

UCC responds to Redding, CA wildfires

A UCC congregation in Redding, Calif., is planning a community meal on Tuesday, August 7, for friends and neighbors who have lost their homes and possessions to the wildfires burning in the area. While flames came within a mile of Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ, the church building, designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, was spared. The church family was not. Click here for the full UCC News story.

TANIA ORELLANA: “I am who I want to be, and I can achieve so much more.”

They received me with such love, like equals, and they didn’t even know me. They made you feel valued as a woman, mother, companion, wife.The information they gave us opened up a whole new world of questions and a desire to learn. I had found a space of my own where I felt appreciated.

$100,000 UMCOR grant boosts Hurricane Harvey recovery

UCC Disaster Ministries has been awarded a $100,000 grant by the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) for its work to restore 17 low-income rental units in Port Arthur, Texas, that Hurricane Harvey flooded with two feet of water last August.

Helping Kenyans Survive After Floods

Severe spring floods in Kenya displaced more than 311,000 people, killing 132 and injuring 23 others according to Kenya’s National Disaster Management Agency. In addition, more than 6,000 livestock were killed, and flood waters submerged more than 9,500 acres of farmland during planting season. Houses, health centers, schools and roads have been damaged or destroyed.

The Christian Council of Ghana Fights for Women's Rights

One Great Hour of Sharing supports the Christian Council of Ghana in their program to fight against sexual and gender-based violence among church women and support to women living with HIV. The goal of our support is to assist with the protection of the rights of the vulnerable in these two categories as well as rights for trafficked children and their mothers.

From Dance to Building Peace

When I was a child, the DCDC helped me build my confidence. Today, as the project coordinator at DCDC, we are helping our participants develop a love for the peace process and work to achieve it, first here and then worldwide.

~ Sili 

Support for women coffee growers in Brazil

These women in Brazil are producing a specialty organic coffee, which is helping them improve their lives.

Small Holder Farming Women Produce Increased Yields

Small holder farming families will have year-round food security with nutrition sufficiency for women and children in three districts in Bihar and Jharkhand, India.

Faith-based response to HIV and AIDS Getting Results

The AIDS 2018 conference will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, July 23-27, 2018. The faith-based response to HIV and AIDS has become more visible and integrated. The United Church of Christ has been a constant advocate of the faith community working to help reduce and now eliminate new HIV infections, deaths, and discrimination.


Community Voices

Fourteen communities, 626 households, and 3,130 individuals have been supported by the Honduras Nueva Frontera organization, led by Church World Service and Local Partner Comisión de Acción Social Menonita. These are Foods Resources Bank projects that helps ensure people have good and nutritious food to eat. These are your One Great Hour of Sharing dollars at work in the world.


Clean Water produces brighter futures

In many parts of the world, clean safe drinking water is a luxury. Without clean water, many people become sick by drinking and using contaminated water. The water shortage can be the result of drought, flood, pollution, or other catastrophes.

Puerto Rican Hurricane Survivor lives to help others

Anely Latalladi Ortega thought her home was safe before Hurricane Maria left flood waters that devastated her home and community. Before Maria, "where I lived was not in a flood zone. It had never flooded. I felt fortunate. My worry in those early days was for others who weren’t as lucky", she shared. "I applied for a job with FEMA and started working the week before Thanksgiving. This job has given me a great sense of satisfaction because I can use my skills and experience to contribute in the recovery of my beloved Puerto Rico."

A Farmer in Southern Ethiopia

Mr. Wondimu Yunka lives with his family in the village of Lela Honcho, located a few kilometers from the town of Chuko, Ethiopia. Through participation in a sustainable agricultural program, he has learned many techniques that have increased the success of his farm, and with other farmers in his community. The 4 simple techniques are simple and have had proven results. 

Improving Babies' Lives in the First 1,000 Days

Moms in Nicaragua are learning the importance of nutrition in the lives of their babies. According to the Nicaragua Río Coco program, the first 1,000 days of babies’ lives are the most critical for the healthy development of their bodies and minds. Understanding the nutritional importance of breastfeeding, when and how to start a baby on solid food, and what to do if a child is malnourished are key factors in improving the health of the mother, child and the entire family.

UCC helps seminary students in American Samoa after Gita

A UCC Disaster Ministries solidarity grant is helping international students at the Kanana Fou Theological Seminary in American Samoa replace essential school supplies and basic furnishings they lost to wind and water damage from powerful Cyclone Gita in February.

UCC recruiting Hurricane Maria recovery work teams for Puerto Rico

In partnership with the Iglesia Evangelica Unida de Puerto Rico, UCC Disaster Ministries is helping people on that hurricane-battered island to build back better and for the long term through development of a Social Action and Emergency Action ministry and deployment of volunteer work teams, being recruited now for deployment beginning June 1.

Celebrating 50+ new bridges in West Virginia

Ever since severe floods in 2016 washed away their small bridge across the creek in front of their home, an older West Virginia couple used an extension ladder to get out to the grocery store and doctor’s office. Today, the couple can cross the creek safely on a simple, sturdy new bridge – the 50th completed in West Virginia in just over two years in an innovative project of the United Church of Christ and other members of W. Va. Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

Enterprise training for HIV-infected women in India

In India like in most places, people infected with HIV suffer from stigmatization and isolation. Successfully building a micro business system there had potential to transform lives.  In partnership with the Positive Women Network and ECLOF, two workshops were conducted in India on entrepreneurship and business management for HIV-affected women. One of the best outcomes of the meeting was the 55 participants found a place in their community that provides support to them and their families. 

Yaribel Davila, Port Arthur: A Hurricane Harvey Recovery Story

Yaribel Davila had to evacuate her apartment in Port Arthur, Texas, last August when flood waters caused by Hurricane Harvey came in up to her knees. UCC Disaster Ministries is partnering with the Southeast Texas Community Development Corporation (SET CDC) to restore her apartment and 16 others that suffered similar damage. The UCC’s Amanda Sheldon interviewed Ms. Davila. 

UCC Disaster Ministries continues hurricane recovery help for Puerto Rico

In the six months since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, UCC Disaster Ministries has been providing critical supplies and helping Puerto Ricans develop a long-term strategic plan for recovery. Soon, volunteer work teams will be deployed.

Water when we need it!

In a rural community in Cambodia, the only water available had been from a shallow, hand-dug well. Each day during the rainy season, a grandmother named Som Bee would walk to the well to collect the water for her family. Today they are healthier because you helped provide access to clean water. 

UCC calls for work teams for Puerto Rico hurricane recovery

Gather your disaster recovery volunteer mission group to give a week of service in Puerto Rico. Sign up now to receive an email notification when registration opens in April. Beginning June 2018, groups serve in Puerto Rico for one-week periods.

UCC meets commitment to build 50 quake-proof homes in Nepal

UCC Disaster Ministries is celebrating the fulfillment of its promise of $200,000 for construction of new, permanent, earthquake-resistant homes in Nepal. The UCC’s last installment of $50,000 was sent recently. Thanks to careful stewardship, the funds will complete more than 50 homes for some of the most vulnerable survivors of the two powerful earthquakes in 2015 that left nearly 9,000 people dead and hundreds of thousands of homes destroyed or damaged.

$212,000 grant will aid ecumenical hurricane recovery work in USVI

As a small community more than 1,000 miles from the contiguous United States, with at least 40 percent of the population at or below the poverty line, the U.S. Virgin Islands are facing significant recovery challenges following last year’s Hurricanes Irma and Maria. A $212,000 grant from the Fund for the Virgin Islands (FFVI) through the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands will support faster, better long-term recovery.

During the Observance of Women’s History Month, Many Women Worldwide Hunger for Gender Equality.

“ACT members are rooted in the communities that they serve. They see first-hand how women have been victims of many layers of marginalization based on their race, age, religion, sexual orientation, health, socioeconomic status etc.,” says Emilie Weiderud, Co-chair of the ACT Alliance Gender Equality and Justice Community of Practice.

Volunteers, hosts at UCC's new Harvey recovery site share skills, prayers

Volunteers at UCC Disaster Ministries' new work site in Port Arthur, Texas, are helping restore Hurricane Harvey-devastated homes for 17 low- to moderate-income renters. As they help bring individuals and families to sustainability, their hearts are being touched by the community's enormous challenges, rich history and deep Christian faith.

New UCC Hurricane Harvey recovery worksite opens in Port Arthur

When Hurricane Harvey flooded 17 of 19 affordable housing units managed by the Southeast Texas Community Development Corporation (SETCDC) in Port Arthur, Texas, tenants fled and stopped paying rent. Three displaced tenants were in really bad situations and urgently needed to get back home.  SETCDC managed to rehabilitate those properties, depleting its reserve.  But until UCC Disaster Ministries offered support, they didn’t know where they would get the resources to rehab the remaining 14 units.

Association lends a helping hand to Sisattanak children

Children are receiving assistance from a local Association to help combat poverty, and limited access to educational opportunities in Laos

WIC on Wheels

Sarah's nine-month-old daughter couldn’t consume solid foods which interfered with her growth and development. Sarah learned of the WIC mobile clinic that provided her a voucher to purchase Elecare, a lifesaving formula for her daughter. 

This is one of the stories of impact provided by Bread for the World. One Great Hour of Sharing has been a long-time supporter of Bread for the World and its mission to end hunger.

Sonoma church, UCC continue care for vulnerable wildfire survivors

When you are an immigrant and disaster strikes, where do you turn for help?  In Northern California, after the wildfires of last October, hundreds of Spanish speaking and other especially vulnerable survivors have been turning to First Congregational Church UCC of Sonoma (FCCS), a leading safe "go to" place, with support from UCC Disaster Ministries.

Argentina Bolivia Gran Chaco update: Rainwater storage makes all the difference

Rebeca and Nestor are promoting peace in their communities thanks to rooftop rainwater harvesting. Conflicts over land and water rights between indigenous people and “criollo” settlers have been a reality for nearly 100 years in the Argentine and Bolivian Chaco. Today, the settlers are as poor as their indigenous neighbors, and the existence of both groups is threatened by frequent six-month droughts. As Nestor puts it, “When it comes to water, there is no difference between us.” 

Fiji community recovers from Cyclone Winston

Two years ago this month, Sepa and his wife Josivini had cause to wonder whether they and their neighbors would live or die as Cyclone Winston roared across their Fiji Islands community of Navakawau, on Taveuni Island, blowing away 96 of the village’s 111 homes, including theirs. Thanks to UCC Disaster Ministries, they had shelter in the community hall while they rebuilt their home - and now, reliable drinking water and a new health center.

Commentary: Disaster recovery work team shares its learnings

Six members of St. Paul's UCC in St. Louis, Mo., spent a week in a Harvey-battered neighborhood of Houston late last year replacing a homeowner's flood-soaked drywall and retrofitting the bathroom to make it handicapped accessible. Pastor Mike Roth shares some of the group's thought-provoking learnings.

UCC continues care for Puerto Rican evacuees in Pennsylvania

United Church of Christ Disaster Ministries continues to be at the helm of outreach to the thousands of Puerto Ricans who have sought shelter in Pennsylvania since Hurricane Maria wreaked death and destruction across their island in late September 2017. Work that began at a Disaster Assistance Services Center in Philadelphia is now rolling out to seven other Pennsylvania cities through a series of resource fairs.