UCC Disaster Ministries

UCC Disaster Ministries programs are conducted in cooperation with and through the 38 Conferences of the United Church of Christ. Each Conference, drawing upon the gifts of its local congregations, determines how best to serve as denominational and ecumenical partners, and witnesses of hope when disasters occur in their geographic area. A network of Conference Disaster Coordinators assists in developing preparedness measures before crises occur. Coordinators help to organize volunteers for clean-up and rebuilding efforts; as well as participate in response and long term recovery efforts in communities affected by natural disasters.

People and communities impacted by disasters require assistance spiritually, physically, financially, and psychologically. The Office of UCC Disaster Ministries provides assistance with acute and or long-term effects of technological disasters or events. The United Church of Christ and Church World Service Emergency Response Program work together to resource faith organizations, individuals related to the religious community, and community organizations.

All gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing are tax deductible and 100% of designated gifts go to the designated area of response. Non-designated funds are encouraged. They allow One Great Hour of Sharing to address future hidden and forgotten emergencies around the world.

Mr. Zachary Wolgemuth
Executive for UCC Disaster Ministries
United Church of Christ
700 Prospect Ave
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Ms. Diane Dicken
Administrative Assistant, Global Sharing of Resources
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115