United Church of Christ

Deadline extended to Oct. 31 for nominees for Synod moderator, assistant moderator

People who want to submit nominations for moderator and assistant moderator of the General Synod of the United Church of Christ now have an added month to do so.

The word \The nomination deadline for those two leadership positions, originally set for Oct. 1, has been extended to Saturday, Oct. 31, said Jean Avison of Lake Oswego, Ore., who chairs the General Synod Nominating Committee. (The deadline has not changed for nominations for members of the UCC Board. Those are still due Oct. 1, as originally announced.)

The committee will choose one nominee each for moderator and assistant moderator. They will be voted on at the 33rd General Synod, to be held – online for the first time ever – July 11-18, 2021. Once elected, the moderator and assistant moderator will serve two-year terms as members of the UCC Board, starting at the end of the 2021 Synod. They will conclude their terms by presiding over the 34th General Synod in 2023.

An online nomination form can be found at this web page, along with information about nominee qualifications and the responsibilities of the moderator and assistant moderator.

For moderator and assistant moderator, the deadline is being extended in pursuit of a sufficiently large and diverse pool of nominees, Avison said. “Their roles are key to the smooth running of each General Synod,” she said. “However, you do not do it alone. There is an entire team to assist you. If you love the UCC and love General Synod, consider submitting your nomination for this important role.”

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