United Church News Podcast

A periodic broadcast of news items on the national website of the United Church of Christ. 

To subscribe to the United Church News Podcast

First, download a free copy of iTunes (for pc or mac) from www.apple.com/itunes.

Second, from within iTunes, under the "Advanced" menu tab, select "Subscribe to Podcast" and enter the url of our podcast:

It's just that easy. The most recent podcast will automatically download and you can click the 'get' button next to any other less-recent podcast titles that interest you.

If you have stopped receiving the podcast or have received only a few

Open Itunes, Click on 'Podcasts' on the left, you should then get a list with 'United Church of Christ News' as one of your podcast with a list of individual titles below that, if there is no list click the arrow to the left of the title 'United Church of Christ News'. Either way you should now have a complete list, but some may have a 'Get' button next to them indicating that the podcast did not download (for whatever reason). Click the button next to the podcast(s) you wish to download and your done. Also, podcast may have an ! next to it indicating you haven't listened to one lately so itunes stopped updating it, click on the ! to resume updating your podcast.


Mr. Daniel Hazard
Online Communications Manager
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Cleveland, Ohio 44115