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UCC pastor: We need Advent more than ever Commentary: The Gender-Based Violence Pandemic
  • Bring all you need to, and let’s pray it out together. Lift it up alongside music and hymns in all the ways we can. We will pray and sing and pour out what is needed into the hands of the Great I AM. With the musical gits of Andra Moran and the prayers of Rev. Dr. Chris Davies, join us to gather our hearts and minds for the witness of the divine.



    December 03, 2020 at 3:30pm

  • Lament and Repentance

    400 years later, honesty about colonialism and genocide is part of marking Pilgrims’ legacy.

  • KYP: Give Thanks. Prepare for Advent
    Posted by · November 24, 2020 12:29 PM

    KYP: A new way forward
    Posted by · November 10, 2020 1:00 PM

    KYP: A historic Election Day
    Posted by · November 03, 2020 1:01 PM

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  • In what has become one of the more harrowing habits of mine, I routinely check the COVID website every morning to see what happened the day before.

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  • When I was a teenager, there was a youth group movement built around a new way to engage in play.

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  • As you listen to this, it is likely you have already cast your vote.

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  • ‘Every Vote is Sacred’

    UCC leaders urge hope, love and ‘revolutionary patience on Election Day 2020.

  • A Sleepless Night

    One of the questions I ask people living in and through grief is this: how are you sleeping?

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  • It has been a year of abundant grief. On top of the pain and loss we experience collectively in what we used to call “normal” times, this year has added 205,000 (and counting) Saints to the numbers of those who have gone before. This year has added trauma and pain and loss in ways that continue to hold our hearts captive. This year has called a reckoning of systems towards Justice, and the slow pains of growth and awareness and the impact of struggle on people trying to hold it together. And this year has called us to cling fast to faith with clarity and strength and prayer.

    So in calling on our faith that all those who have gone before are in community with All Saints, you are invited to join us in honoring those who have passed, especially to COVID-19, for a service of All Saints with music, prayer, and lifting of names.

    Sunday, November 1
    6:00 PM Eastern


    You are invited to hold these names in prayer and add in the names of the Saints you know as you pray.

    Aaron A. Swinford - Illinois
    Abdirahman Salad - Ohio
    Adrian Medearis - Texas
    Adrian Jason Roberts - North Carolina
    Aerrion Burnett - Missouri
    Aja Raquell Rhone-Spears - Oregon
    Akbar Muhammad Eaddy - Illinois
    Alan Burt - Massachusetts
    Alan Copithorne - Massachusetts
    Albert Lee Hughes - Georgia
    Alice Webb - Connecticut
    Alison Nelson - Florida
    Allan Stan - Connecticut
    Allen Roe - Ohio
    Allen Tinkham - Connecticut
    Alma M. Jones - Indiana
    Alonzo Holland - New York
    Aluzio "Junior" Catao
    Alvin Lamont Baum II - Virginia
    Alvin Cole - Wisconsin
    Alvin Sheeder - Iowa
    Amelia Cole - Maryland
    Amir Johnson - New Jersey
    Amy Lynne Daily - Massachusetts
    Andrew J Smyrna - Georgia
    Andrew Woods Jr - California
    Ann Nevin Parta - Florida
    Anna - Mexico
    Anne Knotter-Thomas - Arizona
    Anne Suarez - South Carolina
    Antanas Vytautas Dundzila - Florida
    Anthony McClain - California
    Anthony Taylor - Wisconsin
    Antonia Andresen - New Jersey
    Ari Emerson - Midwest
    Armand Bieber - Illinois
    Arthur George Thompson - Rhode Island 
    Artin Sirapyan - New York
    Avery Post - New Hampshire
    Ayleene Grabow - Wisconsin
    Barbara Anderson - Rhode Island
    Barbara Grover - Massachusetts
    Barbara Pratt - Connecticut
    Barbara Jean Stange - California
    Barbara Todd - California
    Barry Gedeus - Florida
    Beau Diehl - Massachusetts 
    Berneita Lee Branen Semones - Oklahoma
    Bernice O'Brien - New Jersey
    Beryl Burke - Massachusetts
    Betty Nevin - New York
    Bill Kenney - Illinois
    Bill Patterson - California
    Bob  McGinty - Ohio
    Bob Dutton Martha's Vineyard
    Bob Hogan - USA
    Bob Renner - Washington
    Bob Togets - Florida
    Bobby Joe Gibbs - Arkansas
    Brandon Dionte Roberts - Delaware
    Brayla Stone - Arkansas
    Bree Black - Florida
    Brent Martin - Arkansas
    Breonna Taylor - Kentucky
    Brian Hill - Pennsylvania
    Brian McCarthy - Pennsylvania
    Brian "Egypt" Powers - Ohio
    Brooklyn Deshuna - Louisiana
    Bruce Evans - Massachusetts
    Bruce N Butler - Louisiana
    Bub Agnew - Kentucky
    Bud Murphy - Iowa
    Caine Van Pelt - Indiana
    Cally Rogers - Witte - Florida
    Carol Bahr - Iowa
    Carol Pendergraft - Washington
    Carol Rae Gantz Keller - Ohio
    Carol Robinson - Florida
    Carroll Houle - Virginia
    Catherine Gregory - Pennsylvania
    Cathy du Plessis - Oudtshoorn, South Africa 
    Cathy Lou Fridinger McSherry - Pennsylvania
    Cecil Clymens - Colorado
    Cecily McDonald - New Jersey 
    Charles Evans - Ohio
    Charles Keller - Florida
    Charles Eric Moses - Georgia
    Charles Perry - Washington
    Charles Vinsonhaler - Connecticut
    Charles Sherwood Wakeley - Connecticut
    Chase Rosa - Nevada
    Chazz Hailey - Texas
    Chris Lockard - California
    Chris Thollaug - California
    Christopher Hillinski - Connecticut
    Christopher Walker - California
    Cindy Sweeton Meyer - Connecticut
    Clara Melville - Colorado
    Clarence "Clip" Higgins - Nebraska
    Claude Washington Fain III - Pennsylvania
    Clayton Hewitt - Connecticut
    Clayton Jordan - Alabama
    Connie Oppel - Washington
    Connoe D'Elia - USA
    Constance Oates - New York
    Cora Douglas - Massachusetts
    Craig Jensen - Iowa
    Curt Johnson - Illinois
    Curtis M. Adams - South Dakota
    Dale Andres - Michigan
    Damian Lamar Daniels - Texas
    Damon E Billings - Arizona
    Dan Kempwerth - Illinois
    Daniel Prude - New York
    Daniel E.R. Reiman - Ohio
    Daniel Lawrence Wade - Connecticut
    Darius J Tarver - Texas
    Darius Washington - Illinois
    Darrell William Mobley Sr - New York
    Darrell Zemault - Texas
    Darrien Walker - Michigan
    Darrin Barnell Foy - Iowa
    David Tylek Atkinson - North Carolina
    David Beebe - Missouri
    David Earl Brooks - North Carolina
    David C. Driskell - Maryland 
    David C. Norling - Washington
    David Mark - Pennsylvania
    David McAtee - Kentucky
    David Moore "Grandpa Dave" - Colorado
    David Switzer - Pennsylvania
    David Vaughn Bratcher - Illinois
    Dawn Pluchinsky - Pennsylvania
    Dean LeClere - Iowa
    Deandre Lee Seaborogh-Patterson - Georgia
    Dearian Bell - Georgia
    Debra Richmond - Illinois
    Deidre Pinnock - Jamaica
    Delaine Mardell Keustermeyer - South Dakota
    Demontre Bruner - Oklahoma
    Dennis Brophy - Wyoming
    Dennis Schneiderman - Ohio
    Deon Kay - Washington, DC
    Derek Cooper - Georgia
    Derick L Powe - Alabama
    Derrick Thompson - Florida
    Desmond Franklin - Ohio
    Desmond Hayes - Colorado
    Destry Robert Hone - Utah
    Devan Austin Twilley - Indiana
    Dewayne Curtis Lafond - Texas
    Diana Tandy - Massachusetts
    Dianne Ledbetter - North Carolina
    Dijon Kizzee - California
    Dion Johnson - Arizona
    Dior H Ova (Tiffany Harris) - New York
    Dolores Martell - Connecticut
    Dominique "Rem'mie" Fells - Pennsylvania
    Dominque Antwon Anderson - California
    Don Houlette - Kentucky
    Don Lake - Oklahoma
    Don Mercer - Ohio
    Don Stoebner - South Dakota
    Donald Toelke Jr. - Ohio
    Donald Evam Westra - Minnesota
    Donald Wright - New York
    Donnie Sanders - Missouri
    Doris A. Beebe - Connecticut
    Dorothy Brown - Wisconsin 
    D'ovion Semaj Perkins - Colorado
    Dreasjon Reed - Indiana
    Dumont Rush - Vermont
    Dustin Parker - Oklahoma
    Dwight Hoff - Nebraska
    Dwight Marcus - Kentucky
    Earl Austin - Minnesota
    Earl Facey - New York
    Earl Richard - Massachusetts
    Ed Bollinger
    Edgar Fillis Hendrikz - George, South Africa 
    Edith Elizabeth Sprehe - Illinois
    Edith Nomura Matsumoto - Hawaii
    Edward G. Bissen - New York
    Edward C. Schwenk - Missouri
    Eileen Martell - Connecticut
    Elaine Fuelling - Ohio 
    Eleonor Duarte Loustaunau Nunez - Mexico
    Elijah Jamaal Brewer - Pennsylvania
    Elizabeth Anne Kleine Strong - Minnesota
    Elmer L Mack - South Carolina
    Elvera Muscott - Michigan
    Elwood Cox - Pennsylvania
    Enid Hyde - South Dakota
    Erik Youngberg - Washington
    Ernest L. Barrett, Jr. - New Hampshire
    Ethel Wilson - Wisconsin
    Etonne T Tanzymore - Maryland
    Eugene Gist - New York
    Eugenio Escriba - Illnois
    Eva Whitlock Miller - Colorado
    Evan Golder - Ohio
    Everett Anthony Ball - California
    Evert Lindgren - Massachusetts
    Felycya Harris - Georgia
    Fernando Little Bird - South Dakota
    Finan H Berha - Maryland
    Fran Apltauer - Ohio
    Frank Backbone - Montana
    Fred Stroebel - Minnesota
    Fred Williams - California
    Freda Gardner - New York
    Gail Whittle - Massachusetts
    Gamel Antonio Brown - Maryland
    Gary Bahr - Iowa
    Gary Jaeger - New York 
    Gary L Robinson - Ohio
    Gearil Leonard Williams - Georgia
    Gene L. Jarrett - Tennessee
    Genevra Goodwin - Connecticut
    Geneva (Meiners) Renk - Arizona
    George Fulginiti-Shakar - Washington, DC
    George Gilbert Musgrove - South Carolina 
    George Kawasaki - Ohio
    Gerald K. Favro - New York
    Gertrude Poniatoski - Florida
    Gilbert F. Bumb - Missouri
    Gladys Weaver - New York
    Glenn Davenport - California
    Gloria Schnyder - California
    Goldie Bellinger - Georgia
    Gordon Rice - Pennsylvania
    Gordon Swenson - Minnesota
    Grace Barnes - Florida
    Gregory Jackson - Mississippi
    Guillerma Bergado - The Phillipines
    Gwendolyn Booker - New York
    Hakim Littleton - Michigan
    Harold Spencer - Louisiana
    Harry Hillegas 
    Hasani Best - New Jersey
    Heather Lund Maher - Prince Edward Island, Canada 
    Helen Holmes - Ohio
    Helen Horning Zusne - Idaho
    Helen Jean Rollins - Ohio 
    Helen Stewart - Iowa
    Helen Ambra Stuart - Florida
    Helle Jae O'Regan - Texas
    Henry Bishop - Connecticut
    Henry Isaac Jones - Georgia
    Herbert Feierabend - Texas
    Howard Miner - Connecticut
    Howard Nelson - Minnesota
    Hugh Delanty - Washington
    Idris Abdus-Salaam - Tennessee
    Ilene Johnson - South Dakota
    Inez Lucille Foltz - Ohio
    Irene Choate - New England
    Iro Charles Mogen - South Dakota
    Irv Treadway - Alabama
    Isaiah Augustus Thompson - New York
    Jack Orr - Ohio
    Jack Seville - Wisconsin
    Jackie Hoover - New York
    Jacqueline Jones - Connecticut
    Jack Jacobucci - Ohio
    Jah'Sean Iandie Hodge - Florida
    Jakerion Shmond Jackson - Georgia
    Jamarri Daiwon Tarver - Nevada
    James Cambron - Florida
    James Crossman 
    James Liszewski - Florida
    James Gary Sampson - Prince Edward Island, Canada
    James Sherburne - Washington
    Jane Dill Makari - Ohio
    Jane Rishel - Michigan
    Jaquyn O'Neill Light - North Carolina
    Jarvis Sullivan-Florida
    Jasman Washington - Texas
    Jayne Thompson - Colorado
    Jean Matthews - Washington
    Jeff Christoff - Pennsylvania
    Jeff Madoff - Connecticut 
    Jenny Greenwood - New York
    Jeremy Grayson - Illinois
    Jerry D. Lawritson - California
    Jim Gouveia - Oregon
    Jim Hogan - USA
    Jim Palmer
    Jimmy Li - New York
    Joan Clare - Connecticut 
    Joann Oblinger - Connecticut
    Joe Reichel - Colorado
    Joel Acevedo - Wisconsin
    Johanna Metzger - Maryland
    John Edgar Biersdorf - Michigan
    John H. Pattison - Maryland
    John Henry Henrichs - Missouri
    John J. Loughlin Jr. - Massachusetts
    John Lewis - Washington, DC
    John Sabath - Connecticut
    Jon Anthony Economy - South Dakota
    Jonas Joseph - Florida
    Jonathan Lee Adams - Pennsylvania
    Jonathan Darsaw - Tennessee
    Jonathan Jefferson - Louisiana
    Jonathan Price - Texas
    Jonathan Ursos - Kentucky
    Joseph Bezio - Massachusetts
    Joseph Denton - Wisconsin
    Joseph C Jewell III - Ohio
    Joseph Rice - Pennsylvania
    Joshua Bixler - Georgia
    Joshua James Brown - Ohio
    Joshua Johnson - Texas
    Joshua Dariandre Ruffin - South Carolina
    Joyce Kaplan - Montana
    Judith "Sandy" Masterson - Florida
    Judy Bassett - South Dakota
    Judy Ferguson - Virginia
    Julia Panhorst - Missouri
    Julian Thompson - Georgia
    Julie Thompson Bricken - Washington
    Julius Kehyei - Texas
    Justin Lee Stackhouse - Florida
    Kamaal Koby Edwards - Georgia
    Kamal Flowers - New York
    Kanisha Necole Fuller - Alabama
    Karl Sturdivant 
    Kate Reynolds - Maine/New Hampshire/Massachusetts
    Kathleen Prestwidge - New York
    Kathy Rostad - Washington
    Kay Burkel - Minnesota
    Kee Sam - Louisiana
    Keenan McCain - Indiana
    Keeth Stone - Ohio
    Keith Dutree Collins - North Carolina
    Keith Johnson - Connecticut
    Kelvin D Shaw - Illinois
    Kelvin White - Virginia
    Ken Thomas - Iowa
    Kenneth Laneal Sashington - Alabama
    Kenneth Sindel - Illinois
    Kevan Ruffin - Wisconsin
    Kevin Aldophe - Florida
    Kevin Bobish - Maryland
    Kirsten Lillian Malm Calhoun - Nebraska
    Kurt Andras Reinhold - California
    Kwame Jones - Florida
    Ky Johnson - Missouri
    LaDean Harmston - Idaho
    Larry Ice - South Dakota
    Larry Kendall - Oklahoma
    Lavert Combs - Florida
    Lawrence Bondad Berroya - California
    Lawrence Coulter Pollock - Pennsylvania
    Lebarron Ballard - Texas
    Leo LaBreche - California
    Leona Manthey - Wisconsin
    Leonard Charles Parker Jr - Mississippi
    Lester Way - Nebraska
    Lewis Ruffin - Florida
    Lexy - New York
    Lily Pfeifer - Washington
    Linda Bloodworth - Texas
    Linda Spies Appleton - New York
    Lionel Patrick Tait - Oudtshoorn, South Africa
    Lloyd O Appleton - New York
    Lois Duckworth - Rhode Island
    Loraine Harris Simpson - North Carolina
    Lorrie Watkins - Ohio
    Louise Manigault - New York
    Lucy Bowman - Ohio
    Luke Anthony Cicora - South Carolina
    Lyla Pelaez Sanchez - Puerto Rico
    Mae Peterson - Minnesota
    Major Carvel Baldwin - Texas
    Manuel Ellis - Washington
    Marcellis Stinnette - Illinois
    Marcy Dunn - Maine
    Margaret Graves - Pennsylvania
    Margaret Stark - California
    Margarite Santini - Utah
    Margie Limberg - Michigan
    Margie Santiago
    Maria Coach Trause - Georgia
    Marianne Mack - Michigan
    Marilyn Cazares - California
    Marilyn (Ginny) Phillips - North Carolina & New Mexico
    Marilyn Butler - Iowa
    Marion Fiorentino - Massachusetts
    Mark Matthew Bender - California
    Mark Erpelding - Minnesota
    Mark Gilbert - Iowa
    Mark Marsh - New Hampshire
    Marny Xiong - Minnesota
    Marquis Golden - Florida
    Marty Merchant - Michigan
    Marva Patrick - New York
    Mary Andrews - Ohio
    Mary Crayon - Ohio
    Mary Jane - Vermont
    Mary Lewis - Ohio
    Mary Lou Low - Arizona
    Mary Lynn Cleaver - Texas
    Mary Staples - Connecticut
    Mary Stringer - New York
    Mary Thompson - New York
    Matilda Ann Baldwin - Massachusetts
    Matthew Felix - New York
    Maurice S. Gordon - New Jersey
    Maurita E. Stueck - Ohio
    Maxine Williams - South Dakota
    McHale Rose - Indiana
    Mercy Mack - Texas
    Mia Green - Pennsylvania
    Micah Lee - Nevada
    Michael Andrew Mulford - South Dakota
    Michael Anthony Harris - Florida
    Michael J Rivera - New Jersey
    Michael Sordill - Illinois
    Michael Thomas - California
    Michelle Naughton - New York
    Michelle Michellyn Ramos Vargas - Puerto Rico
    Michelle Robinson Phillips - New York
    Michelle Whatley - Georgia
    Mickey Helmar - Massachusetts
    Mike Grandazzo - New York
    Mildred Dollhopf - Pennsylvania
    Mildred Iske - Nebraska
    Miriam Shapiro - Ohio
    Modesto Reyes - Louisiana
    Momodou Lamin Sisay - Georgia
    Monabelle Abel - Ohio
    Monica Diamond - North Carolina
    Monica Katrice Roberts - Texas
    Mr. Richardson - Midwest
    Mubarak Soulmane - Connecticut
    Mychael Johnson - Florida
    Nancy Mayberry - Iowa
    Nancy Nevin Brileya - Vermont
    Nancy Thomas - South Dakota
    Nathan R Hodge - Louisiana
    Nathaniel Jones - New Jersey
    Neil Lasher - New York
    Nell B. Jordan - New York
    Neulisa Luciano Ruiz - Puerto Rico
    Nina Pop - Missouri
    Norman C. Griffeth - Illinois
    Olive (Sis) Abbott - Florida 
    Opal Chapman - Washington
    Opal Jaquette - Colorado
    Ophelia Miller - New York
    Overton Berry - Washington
    Pamela Mackintosh - Washington
    Patricia Hughes - Midwest
    Patricia Lapham - Kansas
    Patricia Smith - Florida
    Patricia Wetherbee - Michigan
    Patty Hurley - New York
    Paul Bambrook - California
    Paul Dennis Gauthier - Michigan
    Paul Fillmore Kane - New York
    Paul Hammer - New York
    Paul Knotter - California
    Paula J Zuraw - Connecticut 
    Penelope Diaz Ramirez - Puerto Rico
    Petal Farquharson - New York
    Pete Ackermann - Vermont
    Pete Young - North Dakota
    Peter Brown - New Jersey
    Peter Burnham
    Peter Johansing - California 
    Peter Wright - California
    Peter Yuichi Clark - California
    Phyllis Grimaldi - Massachusetts
    Qavon Webb - Missouri
    Queasha D Hardy - Louisiana
    Quentin Setzer - Alaska
    Rafael Rodriguez - New York
    Ralph "Nick" Kendall - Massachusetts
    Ralph Mueller - Arizona
    Ralph C. Quellhorst - Ohio
    Randy Roszell Lewis - Texas
    Rasheed Moorman - Virginia
    Rayshard Brooks - Georgia
    Rayshard Scales - Texas
    Reginald Leon Boston, Jr - Florida
    Renard Antonio Daniels - Florida
    Rex Fincher - New York
    Riah Milton - Ohio
    Richard A. Kahler - California
    Richard Conover - Wisconsin  
    Richard Greaves Sr. - Connecticut
    Richard O. Moore - California
    Richard Scheelk - Illinois
    Rita Cromwell - South Carolina
    Robert Coleman - California
    Robert Hildreth - Massachusetts
    Robert Hofer - South Dakota
    Robert A. Johnson - New Hampshire
    Robert Johnson - Maryland
    Robert Manthey - Wisconsin
    Robert Nystrom - South Dakota
    Robert Post Schauf - Wisconsin
    Robert Walker - Connecticut
    Rodney Arnez Barnes - Ohio
    Roger Dennis Rossi - Illinois
    Ron Graffius - California
    Ron Howard - Pennsylvania
    Ron Kaeslin - North Dakota
    Ron Lonesome - New York
    Ronald L. Schell - Pennsylvania
    Ronald Wisner - Massachusetts
    Ronnell Mouzon - Florida
    Ronnie Ginyard - Connecticut
    Ronnie Lampitok Jr - Illinois
    Rosanne Tone - Iowa
    Rose Acosta - Oregon
    Rose Wong Lee - California
    Rose Mary Leib - Iowa
    Ruben Smith - Arkansas
    Ruth B. McKay - New Hampshire
    Ruth Bader Ginsberg - Washington, DC
    Ruth Hupe - Kansas
    Ruth Shinn - Washington, DC
    Ryan Simms - Florida
    Said Joquin - Washington
    Salaythis Melvin - Florida
    Sally Dailey - Illinois
    Samuel David Mallard - Georgia
    Sara Blackwood - Indiana
    Selena Reyes-Hernandez - Illinois
    Serena Angelique Velazquez Ramos - Puerto Rico
    Shaki Peters - Louisiana
    Shannon Grand - Colorado
    Sharon Gomes - Massachusetts
    Sharon Hecker - Michigan
    Shaun Lee Fuhr - Washington
    Shirley Amos - Massachusetts
    Shirley Huff - Oregon
    Silas Greg Gillaim - Virginia
    Snoopy Andres - Michigan 
    Southern Jeremy - California
    Stanley Cochran - Pennsylvania
    Stanley L Reynolds - Oklahoma
    Stephen Albright - Vermont
    Stephen Hill - Massachusetts
    Stephen Ray, Sr. - New York
    Stephen G Waters - New Hampshire
    Steve Gilbert - Florida
    Steve Pietro - Michigan
    Steve Smith - New York
    Steven Keyes - Massachusetts
    Steven Richard - Massachusetts
    Steven Demarco Taylor - California
    Sue Olson - Washington
    Summer Taylor - Washington
    Susan Delfanti - Massachusetts
    Susan Ewing Haley - California
    Susan Rush - Washington
    Terron Jammal Boone - California
    Terry Fleming - Florida
    Thelma Knight Pollard - New Hampshire
    Thomas Berry - Ohio
    Thomas Carlton Bernhardt - Michigan
    Tim Hare - Pennsylvania
    Tim "Timoteo" Heston - Tennessee
    Tina Marie Davis - Spring Valley 
    Tina Nagy - Florida
    Tobby Wiggins - Alabama
    Tommie Dale McGlothen Jr - Louisiana
    Tommy Dilley - Massachusetts
    Tony Eirdam - Texas
    Tony McDade - Florida
    Tony Parker - Washington
    Tracy Holland - Iowa
    Trayford Pellerin - Louisiana
    Tyler M Jones - Ohio
    Tyquarn Graves - New York
    Tyran Dent - New York
    Tyree Davis - Illinois
    V. Carolyn Brown - New York
    Verna Freeman - Massachusetts
    Vernon L. Higginbotham - Arizona
    Vincent Harris - Louisiana
    Virgil Thorpe - Colorado
    Virginia Nuessen - Kansas
    Virginia Stepler - Ohio
    Wally Robinson - Ashford
    Walter Smith - Panama City, Panama
    Walter Wallace - Pennsylvania
    Wayne Hartson - California
    Wayne R. Smith - Pennsylvania
    William Clark - Minnesota
    William Edward Clarke, III - Florida
    William "G" Grandgeorge - Rhode Island
    William Howard Green Jr - Maryland
    William "Billy" Lund - Prince Edward Island, Canada
    William Dion Tolbert Simpkins - Georgia
    Willie Lee Quarles - South Carolina
    Willie Shropshire - Louisiana
    Winifred Mawhorr - Ohio
    Yampi Mendez Arocho - Puerto Rico
    Yassin Mohamed - Georgia
    Yvonne Fischer - South Dakota
    Zachery Anderson Jr - Texas


  • Wherever you are when you are reading this, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well cared for. Here are our fall highlights:

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  • Tools for an Unprecedented Election Day

    Equipping for a free and fair Election Day, UCC offers resources, prayers, webinars and worship.

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UCC pastor: We need Advent more than ever Commentary: The Gender-Based Violence Pandemic