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Commentary: Fellow White People, Let’s Unpack This Opposing Israeli annexation, UCC and Disciples leaders amplify Palestinian ‘Cry for Hope’

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    We all have a story. We are all a part of God’s story. What’s your story?

    3 Great Loves is our denomination-wide story telling initiative. In the coming years, the United Church of Christ will collect and lift up the stories of our local churches and affiliates. Stories about how we are living out God’s love and expressing love of neighbor, children and creation, our 3 Great Loves.  From knitting clubs making hats for newborns; collecting food for food pantries; standing together against a social injustice; no story is too insignificant to share.

    The hope of this initiative is to tell, and share the story, of how individuals, churches and organizations of the UCC are impacting and transforming the world as covenantal partners united in our common purpose, vision and mission. Work that lives out the love of God and leads to creating a just world for all.


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