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The Season of Lent

! Give it UP 

Stillspeaking Writers' Group

Lent Devotional NEW for 2012

$15.00 - 5 devotionals per package - plus Shipping / Handling Charge

Give up your old ideas about Lent, and get a brand new take on the season from these short daily reflections by The Stillspeaking Writers' Group and other contributing authors.  This 56-page devotional offers inspiration, humor, and unexpected insights for each day of Lent. Ideal for a weekly Lenten study series or for individual use.

The Stillspeaking Writers' Group is eight United Church of Christ ministers, pastors, and authors who collaborate on a variety of resources for people in the church, outside the church, and not so sure about the church.  Their motto: "Hearing God where you live (and other surprising places)."

Additional Resources for Worship

  Worship Ways NEW Resources

Lent 2012 worship resources.

  Worship Ways Lent Archive
Seasonal worship resources.

 SAMUEL:  Lenten Preaching Resource
Stuck?  Find inspiration for your sermon from Samuel, our weekly sermon resource.

  From the UCC Writer's Group
A selection of liturgical resources that can be used for your worship planning.

Recursos en Espanol

Resources for global awareness

 One Great Hour of Sharing
A Lenten Offering

 Lent resources from Global Ministries

Just Eating?
A seven-session curriculum for congregations that calls us to integrate the commitments and practices of our faith into the way we eat.

Resources for spiritual renewal

  Calendar of Prayer
Read the daily story from our 365 day calendar of prayer.

 Bible Studies
Justice themed Bible studies archive.

Additional Resources for study

 In 2011 the General Synod referred two Resolutions on death and dying for further study. “Faithfully Facing Dying: A Lenten Study Guide on Critical Issues and Decisions for the Members of the United Church of Christ” has been prepared by a dedicated committee to assist churches in a six-week Lenten study and discussion on the range of choices which surround dying and death – hospice care, advance directives, removal of life support, physician aid-in-dying, pain and many other issues. You may download the complete Study Guide.

 Catholics in the UCC
A new book available through United Church Press.

 The Acts Bible Study

 What Matters
Along with the information on the Congregational Vitality site you will find the book for congregational use with the same name.

Ecumenical Partner Resources

Words Matter - an Ecumenical daily devotional on inclusive language from the National Council of Churches, Justice for Women Working Group.

Center For Excellence in Preaching

The Text This Week

Other Partner Resources 

The Greening of Palm Sunday
The University of Minnesota School of Agriculture has developed this cooperative with palm harvesters in Central America, and offer for sale palms which are harvested in a sustainable manner, and whose harvesters are paid a fair wage.