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A Message From Steve 
I am delighted that so many of you are energized by the idea of changing the way we do our work. I have heard reports and questions from staff engaged in forming work groups proposals.

Just for clarification and guidance, I want to review the current tasks:

1.     You are invited to prepare a proposal(s) for a work group around your passion and interest relating to our vision of nurturing the vitality of local churches.
2.     Work groups may include partners from across LCM, other Covenanted ministries, Conferences, or other partners in our work.
3.     The work group proposal should include a list of the partners, a set of clear and measurable goals, and a timeline. The work groups are to be time limited, so there needs to be an end date for them, although at the end date they might be renewed in a similar or different form.
4.     The proposals will be reviewed by the LCM leadership team. Some will be selected to help us test this model.

Please feel free to be in touch with me if you have questions.  I am grateful for your work. I pray for all of you a Joyful Easter season.

Stephen L. Sterner
Acting Executive Minister for Local Church Ministries