United Church of Christ

Lake Institute/UCC Webinar 4 - Digital Strategies for Reaching New Communities

2020 has been a challenging, disruptive year. One result of this upheaval has been a new experience of digital communication and convening, which has the potential to open our congregations or organizations to participation from anyone, anywhere. In this one-hour webinar we will:

  • Consider the wide range of online tools resources available
  • Identify digital strategies for outreach, engagement, and connection
  • Learn about creative connections made in this time of physical distancing<

The Lake Institute on Faith & Giving at IUPUI and OPTIC within the National Setting of the UCC are collaborating to bring you this webinar!

Providing knowledge and skills for congregations in the area of nonprofit administration, this webinar emphasizes strategic communications for development, stewardship, and related planning, management, and leadership activities.

Of broad interest to a wide audience, this webinar is aimed at congregational, judicatory, and UCC agency leadership (clergy and lay).

The final in a series of four, this webinar will be one hour and will include 5 minutes of introduction, 45 minutes of presentation, with 10 minutes reserved for Q&A.


December 09, 2020 at 4pm - 5pm EDT