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KYP: Love will triumph someday

Keep Famlies Together

All Deserve Basic Human Dignity
A California pastor shares her story about immigrating to U.S., because she believes the UCC must lead in speaking out for love and justice. Read more >>


Keep Families Together
Voices at D.C. immigration rally speak up, speak out against family separations. Read more >>

One of those voices, the Rev. Traci Blackmon, calls on people of faith to live by moral law of love. Read more >>

A Promising Partnership
On the Lakota Reservation in South Dakota, hope blooms after a collaboration between the Dakota Association and Simply Smiles.  Read more >>

Denouncing the Janus Decision
UCC leadership issues a statement decrying the Supreme Court’s ruling, which they say undermines importation union protections for American workers.  Read more >>

An Extravagant Welcome
An asylum seeker and her sons find refuge in Arizona with the family of a UCC pastor. Read more >>
Solidarity in Puerto Rico
UCC Disaster Ministries volunteers will be rebuilding homes on the hurricane ravaged island, repairing roofs, doing light carpentry and painting interior ceilings and walls. Learn more >>
Independence Day
We are all endowed by our Creator with the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How do you celebrate? Listen to the podcast >>
In Port Arthur, volunteers work day starts with a song
Traci Blackmon featured in CBS Interfaith Special on religion and African-American women
  More >>
Religious groups condemn SCOTUS ruling on Trump travel ban
Ohio rally supports immigrant rights
Charlottesville police work to regain public trust as rally anniversary nears
Wisconsin church almost rebuilt after devastating fire
Ohio church celebrates 175 years of service
UCC Mental Health Network speaks out on family separation
UCC Disabilities Ministries strongly oppose family separation
Massachusetts immigrant thanks hospital for staff care
  More >>
U.S. travel ban leaves far-flung Syrian family in limbo
Women of faith confront immigration policy at U.S. border
Faith-based groups turn up the heat on ICE
Pope calls separating children at border 'immoral'
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