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Hope Station
A United Church of Christ sanctuary church in Arizona is preparing a place of hospitality, support and hope on the Mexican side of the border for people who find themselves deported from the United States. Read more >>


Jesus Jailed
A California church separates baby Jesus from his parents in a visual statement of solidarity with immigrant families. Read more >>

Abundance Born Out of Scarcity
The Rev. Kelly Hough Rogers, senior minister of Scarsdale Congregational Church, UCC, Scarsdale, N.Y., is the featured preacher July 29 on “Day 1.” The Next Generation Leadership Initiative member's sermon is drawn from John 6:1-21; the story of the feeding of the 5,000 and that of Jesus' walking on the water. “Jesus drew attention to his divine acts on earth to remind us that there are miracles all around us in our daily lives.” Listen in >>

Mourning a Visionary
The UCC and the people of Indian Country grieve the loss of a dedicated pastor and inspirational leader in the Dakota Association UCC. Read more >>

Stand in Solidarity with Colombia
UCC partners in Colombia that promote peace are facing death threats. Add your name to this petition in support of the staff at Justapaz. Read more >>

As Toilet Paper Pyramid goes up on Long Island, so does awareness
UCC Youth 'Clean-Up' at Great Lakes RYE
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What's a sanctuary church?
Maine church offers youth mission group a place to stay
Watch this Ohio pastor dismantle religious freedom arguments
Massachusetts protestors rally against ICE, immigration legislation
Kentucky neighborhood cookout celebrates future LGBTQ youth homeless shelter
Minnesota church mission trip provides clean water to Guatemala orphanage
Connecticut church donates silverware to farmers market
'This is who we really are'
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Most U.S. faith groups say country is on the wrong track
Israel's new law inflames the core tension in its identity
Religion scholars aid theology student arrested protesting a white supremacist
Recruiter opens Yale Divinity School to diversity, local clergy
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