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Why do I care so much about politics?

My TV is on MSNBC for most of the day, listening to the pundits and analysts dissect every news article and soundbite that comes from the various political leaders. For some, politics may seem like a soap opera. There is a constant barrage of Breaking News drama, the occasional good guys who are presented as our heroes, and the frequent villainous bad guys wanting to destroy everything they touch. Unfortunately, once we turn off the news, the politicians do not return to their dressing rooms until the next episode. They continue to play their parts, drafting and implementing policies and laws that affect all of our lives. Some of our citizens have checked out of the reality of politics. According to FairVote.org, only about 60% of eligible voters have voted in recent Presidential elections and around 40% in midterm elections.

gOD-Talk: A Black Millennials and Faith Conversation

Millennials are finding and creating new spaces to have different kinds of conversations that are not offered in traditional religious contexts. gOD-Talk is a groundbreaking project spearheaded by the National Museum of African American History and Culture’s Center for the Study of African American Religious Life in association with Pew Research Center which seeks to: Uncover how millennials interact with religion and the transformative nature of community, the internet, and space.

In Pursuit of Racial Justice: Reclaiming My Time, Reclaiming My Wage

According to the National Women's Law Center's 2015 data, Black women make .67 for every dollar white men in the United States earn despite having a high percentage of advanced degrees.