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Opportunities to Build a Just World for All

a-just-word-for-all-logo.jpgJanuary 2017 - Opportunities to Build a Just World for All

We believe that we are called to be the church in every time and place, including such a time as this, a time of great challenge and importance for our communities, our nation and our world.  

This month, as a new Congress convenes, a new President is sworn in and Cabinet members are confirmed, we have several opportunities to show up and demonstrate our compassion, our love of neighbor, and our commitment to building a just world for all.

January 9 - Moral March Against Trump's Cabinet of Bigotry

Civil right leaders and interfaith clergy are planning a Moral Monday March to the Capitol in anticipation of the US Senate hearings on Jeff Session's nomination to Attorney General. 

Washington, DC. Hosted by Rev. William Barber (Repairers of the Breach), Rev. Jennifer Butler (Faith in Public Life), Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block (Bend the Arc Jewish Action)

January 11 - Rally to Close Guantanamo and End Islamophobia

On the 15th anniversary of the anniversary of the opening of the prison at Guantanamo Bay, you are invited to join a rally outside the Supreme Court to say "No More Guantánamo, No Torture Presidency, No Indefinite Detention." The rally will be Wednesday, January 11, from 11:30am-12:15pm at the Supreme Court. The rally will be followed by a procession, led by individuals in orange jumpsuits, in front of the Senate office buildings.  

Washington, DC. Hosted by the National Religious Campaign Against Torture and the Close Guantanamo coalition.

January 14 – We Will Not Be Moved March

Thousands will march to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial to express their commitment to protect the civil rights of citizens and the voting rights of people that have been excluded, ensure health care and equal opportunity for all Americans.

Washington, DC. Hosted by the National Action Network.

January 15 – MLK Sunday 

From biblical times until today, prophets have refused to be silent in the face of violence and injustice. Martin Luther King, Jr. was one such prophet, but, sadly, the full power of his voice is often muted and silenced today, despite the praise and adoration he receives on his birthday. All too frequently, celebrations of King's life present us with a de-radicalized King. We hear snippets of his "I Have a Dream" speech, but we do not hear his more prophetic and penetrating critiques of racism, militarism, and capitalism. Find resources for exploring Dr. King's words and witness through reflection, prayer and worship:

January 20 - Renew, Resist, Recommit: A Vigil for Justice
The incoming presidential administration has threatened to send our nation's climate policies into rapid reverse at a time when we should be accelerating our forward movement with heightened moral resolve. Now is the time to renew ourselves to resist harmful policies and recommit to a brighter future that reflects our values.

Cleveland, OH. Hosted by The UCC Council on Climate Justice.

January 21 -  Women's March on Washington in Washington, DC & Sister Marches

As many members of the United Church of Christ travel the Washington, DC for the Women's March, First Congregational UCC, the Potomac Association of the United Church of Christ, and the UCC Washington Office are teaming up to offer hospitality. Stop by to warm up, recharge, and center yourself in prayer. Learn more.