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In addition to the worship resources you find below, we have prepared and compiled sources Immigrant Rights Sunday which are useful anytime. They include sermons and reflections, prayers, orders of worship, and other worship elements.

  • Biblical References to Immigration: A comprehensive listing of all Bible references to immigrants and refugees.
  • Faith and Immigration (with Reflection Questions): A theological exploration of immigration and overview of the UCC’s General Synod’s thinking on this issue.



And Who Do We Say We Are? sermon by Rev. Loey Powell, Aisnworth UCC, Portland OR

"An Immigrant Rights Sunday sermon by Rev. Chuck Currie, First Congregational, Salem, Oregon

Hearts that Long for Justice By Bishop Samuel Ruiz of San Cristobal de Las Casas in Chiapas

God’s Extravagant Welcome: Extending Citizenship by the Rev. John Thomas

The Borderlands: Tettering on the Edge of Hope by Randy J. Mayer

Our Response to Fear by the Rev. Daniel Romero

Why I Don't Believe in Borders by the Rev. Jerold Stinson

Strangers No More by the Rev. David T. Hill

Into the Deep and the Power of Refusal by the Rev. Loren McGrail

Radical Hospitality by the Rev. Loren McGrail

No Human Being is Illegal by the Rev. Loren McGrail

Our Ancestors Were All Wandering Arameans by the Rev. Michael Mulberry

The Christmas Story According to Matthew, by John Steinbeck by the Rev. Michael Mulberry

He Did Not Own the Field by the Rev. Michael Mulberry

The Exodus Story Remembered by the Rev. Michael Mulberry

The Ultimate Immigration Handbook by the Rev. Michael Mulberry

God Does Not Create Illegitimate or Illegal by the Rev. Michael Mulberry

"The Women's Route ("La Ruta de las Mujeres"), a poem and reflection by the Rev. Delle McCormick

Theology of Immigration


All hymns are from the New Century Hymnal

Tu has venido a la orilla (You have come down to the Lakeshore), #173
De Colores (Sing of Colors), #402
We are Marching in the Light of God, #526
We Are Not Our Own, #564
Lead Us From Death to Life, #581
Through all the world a hungry Christ, # 587

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