Banking and Our Values

In July, 2011, the UCC's General Synod XXVIII unanimously approved the resolution Putting our money where our values are: Evaluating church financial relationships. The resolution calls on all churches and other settings of the UCC to:

"faithfully examine their relationships with financial institutions and, where practical and prudent, deliberately move toward relating to financial institutions that have records of fair lending, business and investing practices as each body discerns for its setting."

The resources on this page can help a congregation or other setting of the UCC evaluate its banking relationships and, if indicated, find a financial institution more aligned with its values.

Resources for evaluating your financial institutions and finding new ones

Why this resolution is relevant: biblical teachings, justice, stewardship
Implementing the resolution: A step-by-step guide to evaluating your bank and, maybe, finding a new one
Resources for evaluating your financial institutions and finding new ones
The Case of Evangelical Reformed United Church of Christ, Frederick, MD.
Share your experience

More information and resources on banking abuses and how these can be addressed

In Appreciation... The General Synod charged Justice and Witness Ministries with implementing this resolution. That task was made much easier due to the work of Robert Ziegler who wrote many of these web pages. JWM extends grateful appreciation to Robert Ziegler and to Jason Judd who first questioned his church's financial relationships, wrote the original resolution and, along with senior pastor, Rev. Barbara Kershner Daniel, shepherded the resolution through the General Synod process. They are all members or pastor of Evangelical Reformed United Church of Christ in Frederick, Maryland.


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Minister for Economic Justice
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