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Into the Mystic: Top Ten Resolutions for 2020

Happy New Year!


Into the Mystic: Memories of a Merry Christmas

First I was a child.

Into the Mystic: The Longest Night

There was a time when all of our daily rhythms were governed by the light of day. With no electricity, when the daylight was out we were up; and when the night fell so did we – asleep.

Into the Mystic: The Light that Shines

We have entered my favorite time of year on the liturgical calendar: Advent.

Into the Mystic: On Meeting a Hero

Among the things I value from my days as a Catholic, good liturgical music is at the top of the list.

Into the Mystic: Sister Cities

I have recently returned from a deeply meaningful trip to Dresden, Germany.


Into the Mystic: Mom and Molly

Sacred time with loved ones is made more precious by distance.

Into the Mystic: Connected

What happens when you find yourself separated from your smartphone?

Into the Mystic: Autumn

Living in Phoenix for eight years, I grew accustomed to hearing my wife say about this time every year: “I sure do miss the seasons.”

Into the Mystic: My Beloved

Time away with the one you love is rejuvenating for both soul and spirit.