United Church of Christ

Into the Mystic: Expurgation

The pathway to justice in America begins with a cleanse of toxic, oppressive values. God sees and loves us all as equals. It’s time that we do the same.

Into the Mystic: How is it With Your Spirit?

I am a glass half full kind of leader.

Into the Mystic: The Price of Race

To view the world through the lens of race is costly.

Into the Mystic: Endurance Produces Character

At times we are asked to endure suffering for our own upbuilding.

Into the Mystic: Choosing Love


Long before I knew that was a word or what it meant, it was, and remains for me, the hardest issue to resolve in my faith.

Into the Mystic: When the Sacred Becomes Something Else

A few months ago I sat in the sanctuary of the 16th St. Baptist church in Birmingham, AL. I listened to one of the deacons in the church tell the story of the bombing there in 1963 that killed four young girls who were attending Sunday School.

Into the Mystic: Shelter and Spiritual Hunger

What have you found that feeds your soul in this season of pandemic?

Into the Mystic: Julian of Norwich

She wrote the ‘Revelations of Divine Love’ several centuries ago. How are you connecting with the sacred as you shelter in place?

Into the Mystic: Holy Week at Home

Easter is coming and it still brings just as much hope to the world as it ever has.

Into the Mystic: From Nigel

Embrace those special partnerships in your life that extend love, concern and care.