United Church of Christ

How to Place Your Ad on Local Radio

It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

  • Step 1: Determine your target audience.  Who do you want to reach through your radio ads? What are their demographics?
  • Step 2:  Identify local radio stations that appeal to your target audience. How?
    • Ask church members and friends of members who are part of the target audience. What radio stations do they listen to?
    • Listen to the radio. Pay particular attention to the ads.  Do they sound as if they'd appeal to the folks you want to reach?
    • Go to the source. Ask radio stations the demographics of their listeners (see Step 3 below).
  • Step 3: Find radio station contact information.
    • Let your fingers do the walking. Look up "Radio Stations & Broadcast Companies" in your local Yellow Pages.
    • Search online; www.ontheradio.net/stations.aspx is a helpful site where you can look up stations by proximity to your zip code.
  • Step 4: Contact stations you think may be a good fit.
    • Call and ask for the advertising/sales department.
    • Tell the advertising representative that you have a 60-second spot that you would like to place.
    • If you are going to customize the ad, let them know that you will need to customize it with a tag line/voice over (e.g., one of their DJ's will read text you provide them – see below). Ask if they can provide this service and whether it is included in the cost of buying airtime for your ad. Note: If they say there's a fee, it may be negotiable (e.g. ask them to provide it as part of the ad buy).
    • Confirm the format requirements for the ad. Many stations will accept your ad via a weblink or by email.  You may download the radio ads here.
    • Ask any questions you may have. They will likely have lots of information on their audience – who and how many they reach – that you can include in your grant application.

Suggested Text for Customizing Your Ad

"This Easter, bring your faith back to life. (Name of Church) in (Name of town) is having services at (times). For more information, call (Phone Number) or visit (website)."

"This Easter, find more than eggs.  Find your way back to church. (Name of Church) in (Name of town) is having services at (times). For more information, call (Phone Number) or visit (website)."

"(Name of Church) in (Name of town) welcomes newcomers this Sunday -- and every Sunday at (times of services.) For more information, call (Phone Number) or visit (website)."

Groups of Churches
"This spring, come back to church. The United Church of Christ has more than (number) churches in (Name of County or other region). To find the one that's right for you, visit UCC.org."