United Church of Christ

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Put the Stillspeaking brand on your building, on your desk, on your body, on your table. The better you connect with the brand, the more likely people who recognize the United Church of Christ will connect with you.

Use our Identity Kit / Graphics Toolkit v. 3.0
A one time investment of $10. gives you lots of room to run. Turn loose your most creative people.

Banners, signs
Ready made or customized

Stick with the Brand:

Stillspeaking Colors

Red in CMYK: c:5 m:100 y:100 k:5
Red in Pantone: PMS 186
Red in web color (hex): #D71D24

Black in CMYK: c: 0 m:0 y:0 k:100
Black in Pantone: 100% pure black
Black in web color (hex): #1A1617 

Typeface of the God is Still Speaking, campaign

Comma is Bodoni
Text is Times New Roman
Headlines are Adobe Impact
Body copy is Franklin Gothic

Use these free graphics: Identity materials for print

* Please note: Files indicated by an asterisk are compressed to save space. Some Windows files can be decompressed by running them on your computer like a program. If Macintosh .sea files fail to work for you please download the .sit file instead, this file type requires you to have the free Stuffit Expander program installed on your computer. Download the free Stuffit Expander program here.

United Church of Christ logos and graphics