United Church of Christ

Customized Merchandise


Customized merchandise

You can customize items specifically for your church, your youth group, your sports team . . . .

T-shirts, Sweatshirts or Ceramic Mugs (mugs in lots of 144 minimum - Write Stillspeaking@ucc.org or call 216.736.2188. (See these standard items at the Stillspeaking Store)


Order customized Printed materials online or call 877-437-2212 for Customer Service

If you want to customize an item not listed here, check with Pam DeMarce at demarceadvertising@charter.net or 507-381-4279.

(Our vendors generally tithe to Stillspeaking)

Placing Your Commercials on Cable Television

You'll need a broadcast-quality beta copy of any of our TV ads to show on your local stations. Find out about why, how, cost, timing, and customization options. Place your order at The Stillspeaking Store. Along with your beta tape, you also will receive a VHS copy of the ad. Review the VHS tape for accuracy.

Ordering online will speed the preparation of your order. Be sure to fill in both the Customization / Shipping section and the payment section of the form. We'll keep you informed of the status of your order by email.

If you need assistance, contact stillspeaking@ucc.org or call 216.736.2188.

(If you are looking at a paper form from our Training Manual, please give the online system a try before you FAX us. If you do FAX, please substitute this form for yours, and FAX to 216.736.2103.