We all need company and inspiration on our spiritual journey – no matter where we start from. These resources are intended to open new possibilities and offer dynamic and engaging support in your understanding and embrace of the God who is still speaking.


Stillspeaking Magazine

Stillspeaking Evangelism Card

All the People, 14 sermons

Stillspeaking Bible Study & Questions Guide Guide

God is Stillspeaking…what does that mean? booklet

Stillspeaking Writer's Group

Are You Still Listening? A Stillspeaking Advent Devotional

Stillspeaking Daily Devotionals

The Best of the Stillspeaking Daily Devotionals, booklet

OMG! Booklet

Book of Acts, The: A God Is Still Speaking Bible Study
(Set of 3 Volumes - Parts 1, 2, & 3)

Getting Ready for Baptism, booklet

The Bible and the UCC, booklet

16 Ways to Say I love My Church

To Begin at the Beginning: An Introduction to the Christian Faith (Revised and Expanded)

Changing the Conversation: A Third Way for Congregations

A Book of Uncommon Prayers

Stillspeaking Writers' Group Collection


God is still speaking Especially fitting for Lent. Permission given for UCC use. By Deborah L. Patterson.
Maybe God is Still Speaking by Jim Ahrend
Anthem can be heard and downloaded free to UCC musicians in connection with God is still speaking,
Never Put a Period by Jim Ahrend
This children's piece is free to UCC musicians in connection with God is Still Speaking.
Holy God...Is Still Speaking Anthem with original words and music by Dr. J LanYe'.
God Is Still Speaking Shorter version of anthem for liturgical use by Dr. J LanYe'.
Never Place A Period by Chuck Marohnic is a 2 page, 26 bar accompaniment in F-minor with a soulful feel.
God's Still Speaking by Jill Kirsten Warner
God is Still Speaking by Barbara Hamm
God is Still Speaking is here for use by UCC congregations in connection with God is Still Speaking events. For further use, please contact Hope Publishing at
UCC Statement of Faith Doxology version, words with music by Renate Hamer for Unison or choir, with piano or organ.
God is Still Speaking by David Smith
God is Still Speaking by Susan Huffstutler
God is Still Speaking by Phil Wilhelm
God is Still Speaking by Jean Lersch
God's Still Speaking by Dosia Carlson
God is Still Speaking by Kenneth G. Mesle, Sr.
God Spoke in Ages Past by Robert Lewis