How to Place Your Ad on Cable TV

It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

  • Step 1: Determine your target audience.  Who do you want to reach through your ads? What are their demographics?

  • Step 2: Identify TV stations that appeal to your target audience.
    • Ask church members and friends of members who are part of the target audience. What shows do they watch?
    • Watch TV. Pay particular attention to the ads.  Do they sound as if they’d appeal to the folks you want to reach?
    • Go to the source. Ask cable providers the demographics of their listener/viewership. (see Step 3 below)
    • A note to keep in mind when identifying stations: broadcast outlets (NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox) tend to be much more expensive than cable stations. 

  • Step 3: Find cable provider contact information.
    Note: when advertising locally on cable TV, you will place your ad through the cable provider, not the station directly. If you choose to advertise on network TV, you will call the station(s) directly.
    • Look up “Cable Television” in your yellow pages.
    • Search online by entering “cable TV” and the name of your city in Google or another search engine. Note: depending on the size of your metropolitan market, your area may be served by more than one cable company.

  • Step 4: Contact the cable company for your region.
    • First and foremost, DO NOT BE AFRAID! Don’t worry about not sounding like an expert. Remember that you will be looking to buy time. Don’t go in expecting something for free, but don’t be surprised if you come out with a sweet deal!
    • Call and ask for the advertising/sales department.
      • Tell the advertising representative that you have a 30-second ad that you would like to place.
      •  They will likely ask you about the target audience you want to reach; let them know the stations you have preliminarily identified as possibly a good fit.
      •   Ask any questions you may have. They will likely have lots of information on their audience – who and how many they reach – that you can include in your grant application.
    • Confirm the format that they need the ad in.

  • Step 5: Order a copy of the ad from Stillspeaking
    • Call or email The Stillspeaking Ministry and let us know which ad you will be airing and what format the station needs it in. The cost is $10 for non-customized ads and $50 for customized ads.  Allow 2 weeks processing time if you are ordering a customized version.
    • You have 3 choices regarding customization
      • Order the national version of the ad to show in your local market
      • Order a tape you can customize locally
      • Order a tape with your local church information on the final red screen of the TV commercial for 3 seconds. Keep it short and easy for a viewer to catch and remember.
    • If you choose to have Stillspeaking customize your ad, you will have two lines of text – no audio. We recommend:
      • your church's name
      • your website OR your phone number

  • Questions? Call or email! 216.736.2179 or