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Get Social: Instagram and Your Church

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Let’s jump into our Get Social chat for today, shall we?

Today, we’ll tackle Instagram and your church.

For Beginners:

To Instagram or not Instagram? If your church is new to social media, the answer may not be obvious. Here are three considerations to make before you sign up for an Instagram account:

1.    Does someone at your church know how to produce pull quotes (word graphics)?

If you’re going to start an Instagram account, your account should feature more than pictures of your congregation. Does someone on your church’s team know how to create Instagram graphics, using apps like InstaQuote?

It’s important to have a variety of content, and knowing how to produce Instagram graphics before you start an account will help you diversify your account.

2.    Are you ready to take pictures of more than just smiling faces?

Do you have an eye for a great photo? Instagram may be an amateur photo app, but pictures on the site are usually visually interesting and high quality.

If your church is going to post on Instagram, you should post more than portraits and group shots. Study the types of content on Instagram as you decide if it’s for you. 

3.    Do you know how to do social with mobile?

Instagram is a mobile-only app. If you aren’t comfortable managing a social media page from your phone, you should practice with other applications, like Pages for Facebook, before you tackle an Instagram account.

For Experts: 

You’ve been using Instagram for some time now, but you’re only getting a few likes a post. Try these tricks, and watch your Instagram followers increase!

1.    Use the “Search & Explore” feature to interact with accounts similar to yours.

The “search & explore” feature is one of the most underutilized tools on Instagram. You use this feature every time you click the magnifying glass and browse through the posts Instagram suggests based on who you follow and what you like.

Use this feature to find accounts similar to your church’s account. Like, comment on, and follow these accounts. The more you interact with similar accounts, the greater your chances for engagement and an increase in followers.

2.    Utilize Instagram video.

Instagram video is a key way to attract attention to your feed. The videos are short (a minute or less) and easy to shoot because people expect them to be informal.

Capture a moving moment during worship, tell a funny joke to your followers, or post a picture slideshow of a lively event as a video.

Using Instagram video will also increase your chances of appearing in another accounts “Search & Explore” page.

3.    Post your pastor’s “quotable quotes” in their sermon.

If ministers at your church use brief, uplifting quotes in their sermons, turn them into graphics for your Instagram page!  Use apps like Canva to make Instagram quotes in minutes!

Well, that’s all I have for today folks. Make sure you send me your social media questions! Email me or find me on Twitter @MarchaeGrair, and I’ll feature some of your questions in future Get Socials!

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