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Hey everyone!

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Hey everyone!

I don’t know about you, but I’m more likely to learn when I’m in a good mood. So let’s pause for a puppy joke.

That sneaky Chihuahua!

Now, we’re ready for business.

Stop Panicking and Start Planning: Scheduling Facebook Posts

For Beginners:

Church Facebook page managers are usually really overwhelmed at the thought of posting constantly, especially because social media is usually a task handled by a church pastor or administrator.

Did you know you could schedule your Facebook posts on your fan page? As long as your page is a page with “likes” instead of “friends,” you can schedule your content ahead of time to post at any time.

If you can find an hour during your week to dedicate to scheduling your posts, you can schedule your church’s entire weekly social media calendar.

Here are four easy steps to schedule your Facebook posts.

1. Create your text, link, video, or picture post.


2. Click the symbol next to the Publish option, which will generate a dropdown menu. Choose schedule


3.  Pick the date and time you want your content to post to Facebook. (If it is promoting an even or time-sensitive material, you can also choose a date for the post to stop appearing to your followers.


4. Click schedule, and your post will be scheduled for that date!


For Experts:

You’ve been scheduling your posts, but everything you schedule is posted on random days and during random times.

It’s time to start posting when your audience is actually listening. Decide when to post your graphics by using Facebook analytics.

Here’s how you can find your peak performance time.

1. At the tope of your Facebook page, click Insights. This takes you to the Facebook analytics pages.


2.  Click “Posts” on the left side of the analytics page.


3.  Study the “When Your Fans Are Online” section of the “Posts” analytics. This will show you the days of the week and the times of day when you would have your most successful posts. This is when you should schedule your posts.


That’s all for this week folks. Time for me to fill up on coffee and get back on Facebook. Don’t forget to use the tag #GetSocialUCC to tell me what you’d like to read in future emails.

Peace and Pinterest,


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