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Get Social: Get More Facebook Followers!

Greetings, my social soldiers!

As many of my friends leave Facebook for Lent, I think of my good friend Grumpy Cat.grumpycat.png

There’s your first lesson in using memes.

But that’s not our topic today. Let’s get to it!

How Many Facebook Pages Does Your Church Need?

For the Beginners:
Notice, I didn’t ask if your church needs a Facebook page.

The answer is yes! A Facebook page also gives people a sense of your church’s personality that they wouldn’t get from a website. Most people are just as likely to look for your church via Facebook as they are via website.

Once you’ve decided to make the leap and join Facebook, it is very important to decide how many Facebook pages your church needs. People get so excited to enter the Facebook world that they start creating Facebook pages for every ministry and every leader in the church, and that’s completely unnecessary.

You need one solid Facebook page for your church and potentially another page if you have a popular niche group or outreach associated with your church. Anything more will likely present unnecessary overlap of repeated information, undue stress to find enough page managers, and a struggle to find enough content to keep so many pages engaging.

If different segments of the congregation show interest in interacting on Facebook outside of posting on the main page, a good compromise is to create Facebook groups, and let them interact there. (More about that in a future post.)

Never start another page unless all other pages are fully functioning. If not, it’s better to do less well than to do more and fail.

For the Experts:
So you’ve already got the number of Facebook pages covered, but the followers aren’t coming. Don’t worry! The UCC gained 30,000 followers on Facebook since I started a year and a half ago, and I haven’t run one ad!

If you’re looking to gain followers, make sure you’re using these strategies:

  1. Write conversationally.
    Don’t write as if you’re writing for a church bulletin or newsletter. Write as if you’re talking to your best friend or a close family member. *Minus the swear words. ;<)
  2. Don’t talk about yourself all of the time!
    People come to your page to learn about the personality of your church, not to hear a verbatim version of the church announcements. Post content that relates to your followers but isn’t specifically about your church.
  3. Use videos and pictures, but use them wisely!
    Always post pictures and videos because audiences share them more than text statuses or links. BUT, don’t post photos that all look as if they’re from the church yearbook. Post action shots, quotes, and graphics from other sources.
  4. Join the conversation.
    Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. If everyone on your timeline and every other church is talking about a popular topic, join the conversation, and add your church’s spin to it!
  5. Tag influencers.
    Find people who have a lot of followers, repost their content, and tag them in it. If that person posts something using your username or content, you are guaranteed more followers.

That’s it for this week!

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