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Getting Social with Church Announcements

All right, all right, I know what you’re thinking…


Alas, it is true. I took a break from Get Social this summer, Kermit, and you may sip all the tea you want, but I feel refreshed.

Let’s get back into it, shall we?

Here are three ways you should make sure your church announcements are social media friendly.

1. Emphasize church and event hashtags often.

A hashtag is the primary way for your congregation to connect on social media during a church event. If you don’t promote your event hashtag frequently before an event, the chances of people using it are unlikely.

Make sure you incorporate hashtags into your weekly announcements, especially if some of those announcements are featured on your church’s social media pages. The savviest social media folks will be grateful you thought ahead and might even help you draw a greater crowd to your event with their social media networks.

(And while we’re talking hashtags…make sure your event hashtag isn’t too long. There’s nothing worse than trying to tweet during an exciting moment of an event but being forced to give up on the tweet because the hashtag is difficult to spell or remember.)

2.  Create “special features” for social media users at your church.

Bonus features aren’t just for the movies.

If you have a dedicated social media following on your church pages, add social media exclusives to your announcement lineup. Feature the primary information you need to feature in your traditional announcements, and add a special Snapchat story or Instagram “sneak peek” for the younger folks in your pews.

This is an especially useful idea for niche/specialized ministries. If there is a special event involving a small ministry, promote and wrap up the event using social media instead of taking up large segments of your church announcements with information that only applies to a few in your congregation.

3. Video. Video. And more video.

Create videos for church announcements with social media in mind. If you’re making a video, it should be short and engaging—something your church administrator or marketer could easily reuse on social media. Include event hashtags in your videos, and feature testimonials from members who are affiliated with the event.

Welp Get Socialites, that’s it for the week. There’s the last bit of summer and sunshine calling my name. Don’t forget to find me on Twitter if you have social media questions.

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