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5 Ways to Use Social Media During Worship

Admit it. There’s been a moment when you snuck a peek at your smartphone during worship.

Many people can’t get through an entire workday, school day—or yes, even worship service—without checking their timeline to see who got engaged, who voted for whom, or which surprise song Beyoncé dropped.


The Office,
how I miss you. Beyoncé, how I love you.


As smartphones become more integrated into our everyday lives, it’s worth adding social media components to your worship experience.

I understand this isn’t for every congregation or leader, but it wouldn’t be a social media email for churches if I didn’t suggest how to use social media during church.

Here are five ways to consider using social media during worship.

  1. Encourage your congregation to tag themselves when they are at your church.

    The best people to generate excitement about your church are the people who get spiritually fed there! Encourage people who enjoy weekly service or niche ministries at your church to tell their friends about you, tagging themselves at your church. (Most popular social media websites give you the option of sharing your location and linking to the account associated with your location.)

  2. Watch YouTube videos and encourage your congregation to react to them using social media.

    If you’re not using YouTube as a ministry resource, you’re missing out. There are so many poignant, short videos that could add meaningful elements to ministry outreach or sermons!

  3. Develop a church hashtag, and encourage all church leaders and members to use it in all social media posts about your church.

    Creating (and consistently using) a church hashtag is a great way to rally folks around your church. The links to Twitter and Instagram hashtags don’t disappear, so using a consistent hashtag is like creating a digital archive about your church. You can always search the hashtag to find the best videos and pictures from past events or services to highlight on your social media, church website or in church bulletins.

  4. Snapchat with your youth ministry!

    If you’re a beginner, don’t worry. You have no idea what Snapchat is. And I will explain it to you. Just not in this post.

    If you understand Snapchat, then you should be using it in youth ministry. Encourage your teens to snap their friends from church. Have them create a 10-second video explaining their small group lesson. Design a special filter to appear in their Snapchat options. Don’t try to force teens to use social media to suit what you’re comfortable using. Meet them where they are.

  5. Create a Pinterest Page as a ministry tool.

    Why not give Pinterest fans useful boards to access for your church? Create public boards with links to resources you’re using during worship time or small groups. Encourage pinners to send you pins they think will be useful. People in your congregation can share these boards with their friends who are looking for online pathways to ministry.

And that ends another “Get Social” lesson. Don’t forget to find me on Twitter and use #GetSocialUCC to spread the word about our weekly social media chats.

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