United Church of Christ

Beginning his second term, General Minister and President John Dorhauer shares his joy and excitement with the United Church of Christ. As for challenges: "Daunting? Yes," he says. "Debilitating? No."

The Spirit is revealed when the listening in community is honest, open, intense and all voices are heard.

How do we make sense of senseless violence when mourning the loss of one of our own?


How do you choose to see and to speak about the Divine?

I am headed to Dresden, Germany this fall. I am invited to speak at the Synod gathering of the Union Evangelischer Kirchen in der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland. They are a reform partner that is very close to us here in the United Church of Christ.

How has music moved and transformed you – in worship and in life?

Choose grace. Awareness of a love undeserved and unearned can shatter feelings of despair and doubt.

One who loves unconditionally, without reserve and with a limitless capacity for welcome. 

Our faith cannot be silent to the cries of Mother Earth. Pray about what it means to be stewards of a dying planet.

Do not see a stranger when you greet another, see a sibling made in the image of your Creator. Listen to the most recent podcast.