United Church of Christ

Sacred time with loved ones is made more precious by distance.

What happens when you find yourself separated from your smartphone?

Living in Phoenix for eight years, I grew accustomed to hearing my wife say about this time every year: “I sure do miss the seasons.”

Time away with the one you love is rejuvenating for both soul and spirit.

Following a call to bear witness to the power of love in action.

For a long time now, if asked what my favorite scripture verse is, I say Luke 12:32. It reads, “Do not live in fear little flock, it has pleased your Maker to give you the kindom.”

There are few things more valuable than belonging to a faith community that gets you.

Find your base. See the world through God’s eyes. Stay grounded.

As our nation observes 400 years since slavery came to our shores, white American Christianity needs to recognize and purge this justification of evil.

We sometimes need reminders of the common goodness that we all share.