United Church of Christ

What have you found that feeds your soul in this season of pandemic?

UCC General Minister and President John C. Dorhauer issues a letter to the wider church as much of the country shuts down in response  to the coronavirus pandemic. 

I recently returned from a trip to Southern Asia. It included Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and India.

While in Southeast Asia recently, and then again in the Bahamas, I found myself alone in my hotel room – usually in the very early hours of the morning – watching cricket.

While visiting recently with members of the Egyptian Parliament and members of their consulate, we were told a story of how Ramadan is celebrated in Egypt.

Today I want to talk about prayer.

United Church of Christ General Minister and President the Rev. John C. Dorhauer issues a call for a return to common decency in a message to mark the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. 

I have been given the privilege of traveling the breadth of our denomination to preach, teach, and bear witness to the many ways God is still speaking in our midst through the faithful gathering of disciples that comprise our 4,882 churches over all 50 states.

Two United Church of Christ national officers elected Monday morning in Milwaukee

The United Church of Christ reelected its General Minister and President and elected a new Associate General Minister on Monday, June 24, at its General Synod in Milwaukee.

An Open Letter to the United Methodist Church

The Executive Leadership of the United Church of Christ holds the United Methodist Church in prayer and offers love and solidarity to all who follow Jesus.

A Pastoral Letter: That They May All Be One

The vision of a body united –in purpose, in mission, in vision – is one that inspired the birth of our denomination.