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 The Mission Spending Plan

“Every dollar in a church budget is a dollar that someone has given freely…driven by a wish for the church to exist.  The church budget… is a celebration of organized generosity.”

  – Inspiring Generosity, p. 34

How your church builds and presents your “church budget” – and even what you call it – can motivate increased generosity.  Here are key points for building and presenting your church’s Mission Spending Plan from Inspiring Generosity, the United Church of Christ’s basic stewardship resource.  Order Inspiring Generosity online in hardcopy format ($15 + s/h) or as a download ($7.50)

or call UCC Resources at 1-800-537-3394.

Line-item or Narrative budget format?  What are they anyway?  Use a Line-item format to develop your budget, monitor activity during the year, and prepare the Narrative format.  Add pictures to bring mission to life and inspire generosity!  Here are some great sample Narrative/Picture formats from UCC churches and a Picture Budget handout to give an overview to leaders.  The UCC Cornerstone Fund offers a seminar on Budgets that Inspire Giving

Need help budgeting in tough economic times?  Here is guidance for prioritizing.

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