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Faith Practices: For Worship, Learning and Serving

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Bring your church together

Discover Faith Practices, an exciting online resource that’s transforming congregations into communities that worship together, learn together, and serve together. 

Faith Practices is for everyone in your congregation:

• Multiage & Intergenerational
• Adult (ages 35+)
• Young Adult (18-35)
• Older Youth (15-19)
• Youth (11-15)
• Older Children (7-11)
• Younger Children (3-7)
• Seekers

Faith Practices encompasses every setting in your congregation:

• Christian Education
• Workshop Rotation
• Worship, Music, Arts, & Story
• UCC Identity & History
• Living Practices in Daily Life

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Here's what Faith Practices gives your congregation

• 12 different faith practices to explore over the coming years - 6 already available!
• 600+ activities per faith practice from which to choose – that’s 50+ activities per age group or setting!
• Online downloads that are always available when you need them.
• Accessible content and attractive presentation that volunteers and professional educators will love.
• Non-linear activities that weave education into the full fabric of congregational life, including worship.

The following Faith Practices are available

1) Giving and Receiving Hospitality
Create a community that welcomes all, especially those who are different from the mainstream of the current community.

2) Keeping Sabbath
Be intentional about rest, worship, and working for justice, peace, and the integrity of creation.

3) Living Stewardship
Live in harmony with others and the world, through relationships, liberation, grace, justice, peace, mutuality and material possessions.

4) Playing and Living Joyfully
Include God in your recreation and re-creation, doing justice and moving outside yourself into sharing one with another.

5) Giving Testimony and Witness
Recognize God's action in your life and find ways to express it meaningfully with others.

6) Encountering Scripture
Listen to what the sacred texts tell us about our common family story and the Christian community. 

New Practice partially Available

7) Praying and Making Ritual

Prayer is an essential practice of faith and tradition—many of us long for a deeper life of prayer, whether it’s a conversation with God or an activity that permeates every facet of our life. This practice will guide you to living prayerfully so you may begin to develop a worldview that understands our daily lives as an extension of our communal worship. You will reclaim familiar rituals; explore new ones; begin to recognize the holy in the ordinary; mark time and space as sacred; and give meaning to the whole of our experience.

Faith Practices is the best investment for your congregation:

Your congregation will pay only $300 to get Faith Practices – an amazing price for such a versatile, all-encompassing resource! This will be your only payment. No passwords, renewals, or expiration dates! And since Faith Practices materials are not dated, they are yours to keep and use...over and over...forever and ever...in many exciting ways:

+ Have your congregation or leadership choose a practice as a theme for the year, then infuse every event and activity with the related Faith Practices materials. Include the items in your church newsletters, too.
+ Gather groups in your congregation according to their vocations: business people, public educators, medical folks, scientists, farmers, tech folks, and others; use the Living Practices in Daily Life resource as a conversation starter to help them link their faith to life.
+ Meet at a coffee shop or café with anyone who is interested in talking about using a practice in daily life.
+ Use prayers and other worship ideas to begin and end board and committee meetings, potlucks and other church meals, choir practices, mission activities, youth group gatherings, church work days and more.
+ Send activity suggestions to parents/guardians/caregivers for use at home.
+ Encourage your stewardship committee to adopt the Living Stewardship theme for a year and use the materials throughout the congregation. Do the same with other practices and committees.
+ Find someone in the congregation with a passion for a particular practice and talk with them about working with those resources to get the congregation started on using them.
+ Use the Multiage/Intergenerational resource for a particular practice at monthly/quarterly/other regular gatherings.
+ Pick a practice and use that resource during an all-church retreat or camp.
+ Use Scriptures from the resources to plan congregational worship and Bible study sessions.
+ The list goes on and on – there are so many fantastic ways to make Faith Practices work for your congregation! Think outside the box – there’s no wrong way!
+ If you've found a cool way to use Faith Practices, please share with:  help@faithpractices.org

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