Greetings from David Schoen

David Schoen, Minister and Team Leader

The Evangelism Ministry Team proclaims the gospel in and beyond the church, In partnership with Conferences, it works for the founding, development, nurture, and renewal of local churches. Ministry Team Leaders are responsible for the development and effective functioning of their ministry team. The Evangelism Ministry Team includes: Church Development and Renewal, and also Church Building and Loan Fund.

Dave Schoen comes to the Evangelism Ministry Team after serving his whole ministry in local churches of large and small membership congregations in urban and suburban settings. Most recently Dave was involved in restructuring a congregation's organizational life for mission in the 21st Century and creating a team ministry that engaged in planning new worship opportunities through contemporary technology, multi- cultural music and generational outreach.

Dave served local congregations in Illinois, New Jersey and Ohio and is a graduate of Elmhurst College and Eden Theological Seminary. Dave is married to Stella Schoen, they have one daughter, Mary, who is a in graduate school.

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My mission statement is to work with conferences and churches to strengthen local congregations to transform lives and the world. My ministry goal is to advocate evangelism as a core value in the United Church of Christ.


Church Development Overview
Welcome and Hospitality for Greeters

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Workshop notes and PowerPoint Presentations

Meeting Your Neighbor - CPR2
Characteristics of vital, outreaching congregations in the 21st century
Getting to know your neighbors
Everyday personal evangelism
Evangelism in the Post-Modern World - Missional, Relational, Conversational; Indiana/Kentucky Conference retreat 3-08
Education and Evangelism
Celtic Christianity, Evangelism and the United Church of Christ
Recommended Reading for Evangelism
Becoming the Church and Disciples that Tomorrow Requires - Central Pacific Conference Annual Meeting May 2008
“Will New Generations become Belief-filled Disciples?” - Elmhurst College, June 2008
Becoming StillSpeaking Disciples.ppt

God is Stillspeaking: Ready, Set, Grow! - PowerPoint presentation.

Presentations and Sermons

For the Beauty of the Earth (MP3)

Insomnia – God’s Night School

Shine, God's People! Presentation at the Annual Meeting of Maine Conference
(Sept. 2007)
How the Evangelical Tradition is Speaking, Still, Through The Stillspeaking Initiative of the United Church of Christ. The Continuing Contributions of the Evangelical Tradition In the Life of the United Church of Christ presented to the Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society 2005 
Missional Church Development, Ohio Conference, October 2008

United Church News articles

My father taught me, 'It's all about Evangelism'


Rev. David C. Schoen
Minister and Team Leader, Congregational Assessment, Support & Advancement (CASA)
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115