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Volume 1.1

Confession of An Evangelist
Building A Firm Foundation
Creative Media within Timid Times
Go Forth and Knock
Mutual Involvement A Simple New Model for Small Group Development
The Joys of Starting a New Church
The Moth Principle of Church Attraction
La Posicion de la Mujer an la Iglesia The Role of Women in the Church
Tips from a "Professional" Church Visitor
Church Multiplication Congregations Starting Congregations
The United Church of Christ Resource Center as an Evangelism Tool
Evangelism Response to September 11th Proclaiming the God Who Will Be What Tomorrow Demands Becoming the Disciples that Tomorrow Demands
The Death Spiral Four Stages of Declining Churches
Transformation A Church with No Bells and Whistles That Is Changing
What Evangelism Is All About
Demographics What's the Fuss All About?
The Truth about Growth
Believe It or Not . . . It's Advent
Community Economic Development is Evangelism

Volume 2.1
Friendly, Yes; Welcoming and Hospitable, No

Volume 2.2

Navigational Vision and Strategies for Twentyfirst Century in the United Church of Christ
High Expectations
Mayflower's Capital Campaign
Reflections on the Consolidation of St. Peter's and Plymouth Congregational United Churches of Christ
The Dance Rhythms of Group Life
Welcoming the Stranger
Initial Findings for New Church Development in the Twenty-first Century
Eleven Commandments for Ordinary, Everday Evangelist

Volume 3.1

Evangelism as Building Altars
God Is Still Growing Churches
Lessons in Revitalization
yas 101 Reaching Young Adults in Your Community, an Introductory Course
Hip-Hop Ministry Attracts Youth
Good Moos
Gentle Witness Another Model for Evangelism
Transformation and Renewal God Is Still Speaking in Marietta, Ohio!
This Far By Faith Reflections in Church Formation
Front Porch Evangelism
Fellowship of Carpenters
A Global Church Partnership

Volume 3.2

God's is Still Speaking, About this e-word Packet of Resources
Justice and Jesus
Evangelism A Surefire Prescription to Get a First Time Visitor to Return For a Second Look
Evangelism + Development = Mission of the Church How to Make Christ Relevant to People, Especially in the Field of Evangelism, Development, and Mission of the Church
Ministry Among New Immigrants
Sharing God's House
Drop the Labels! The New Generation's Plea
A Church House for New Spirit UCC in Savage, Minnesota
What Are Students Like These Days?
The Book of Worship and the Place of Worship
United Church of Christ, A Church with a Future or Simply with a History?
Iglesia Unida de Cristo, ¿Una Iglesia con Futuro o Simplemente con Historia?
Sharing Spaces Four Congregations Join together to Form Micronesian Christian Center in Haiku
Can You Meet The New Church Challenge?

Volume 4.1

104 Ways to Grow a Church
Faith Sharing for Amateurs (In other words, for all of us)
Accidental Evangelism
Introducing The United Church Of Christ
God is Still Speaking … About Extravagant Welcome Resources for Churches on Welcome and Inclusion of People of Color, People with Disabilities, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Persons
New Music and Worship At First United Church of Christ, Green Bay Wisconsin
God is Still Speaking, Through You and Me! Extend Hospitality to Strangers
Evangelism that Knows No Boundaries A Story of Outreach and Witness
The Journey Toward The Beloved Community A Journey of Church Renewal
Evangelismo a la BBQ Un evangelismo invitacional
Merger of a Japanese-American and Euro-American Congregation
Listening for the Still Speaking God: Contemplative Evangelism from an article on Evangelism and Spiritual Formation


Rev. David C. Schoen
Minister and Team Leader, Congregational Assessment, Support & Advancement (CASA)
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