Evangelism is the heart of God's mission

The Evangelism Ministry Team, a part of Local Church Ministries, seeks to encourage, empower and equip the United Church of Christ in all settings to embrace evangelism as the heart of God's mission.

Because evangelism is multidimensional, the Evangelism Ministry Team works with local church pastors, lay leaders, entire congregations, associations, conferences and networks of churches providing encouragement, resources and services. We assist churches in proclaiming the gospel within the congregation and community to those seeking to find a church home and develop or renew their spiritual life.

Some of the services available include addressing church renewal and revitalization, generational issues, spiritual growth, contemporary worship services, attracting and maintaining new members, developing a vision and mission for the church, ministry to and for men and women, designing retreats, conducting revivals, and providing guidelines for evaluating the current and future work of the church. We also help local congregations, associations, and conferences to develop a deeper understanding as to how a shared and strong financial foundation for new and renewing congregations is fundamental to proclaiming the Good News. Intersted in New Church Planting?

Developing new and renewing congregations
Our primary goal is to strengthen the mission of the local church in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. One way in which we do this is through the Ministers of Evangelism for Local Church Development and Renewal who work with local church members and leaders to plan and organize programs of evangelism, increased worship attendance, membership growth and spiritual development .

We also work with associations and conferences in assessing the need for new churches and assist in the development of the time line, strategy, and possible funding sources for beginning new churches. It is our belief that effective church development, encompassing strong continuing churches and new churches that survive, is possible because of a solid foundation based on the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are always seeking leadership for new and renewing congregations. We need pastors who have a passion for evangelism and sharing the good news of Christ, who are entrepreneurial in leadership style and are excellent in preaching and worship leadership. If you or someone you know is interested in being considered to lead a new or renewing congregation please contact the Evangelism Ministry team.

Faith and finances
Another key way in which Local Church Ministries and its partners strengthen the mission of the local church in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ is by sustaining the mission of the church through wise investments and stewardship of those investments.

Local Church Ministries Building & Loan Fund
The Office of Local Church Building, in partnership with conferences, assists new or relocating local churches with project budgeting, timing, site selection, designing buildings that fit the mission and growth plan, and planning for funding a building purchase. The Church Building Revolving Loan Fund provides low-cost loans for new site purchases, or first and second unit construction. The office also provides churches with a listing of United Church of Christ architects. The primary goal is to help new churches buy their first building or land, and help relocating churches purchase their new site, at interest costs that allow the church's ministry to continue to grow.

The Cornerstone Fund, Inc.
The Cornerstone Fund provides low-cost loans to established UCC churches for a wide range of property related projects including additions, accessibility improvements, renovations and refinancing of existing real-estate related indebtedness. These loans are made possible by investments made by churches, church members and UCC-related institutions. Investors receive a competitive interest rate on their deposits while knowing these monies are working to strengthen the mission and ministry of local congregations. For information about the Cornerstone Fund call 888-822-3863.

If you would like to know more about the staff of the Evangelism Ministry Team simply use this link: Evangelism Ministry Team .

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